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Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jul 25,2019
A couple of days ago, the University of Jordan (UJ) received the thrilling news from one of the leading international organisations in university rankings, QS, that it has made it to the five-star category for the year 2019.This is a huge leap forward, and a development of g
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jul 11,2019
Much has been written for years about the status and quality of the Jordanian higher education “sector”, by a lot of stakeholders from within and without the sector.More recently, and in light of the decision by two Gulf countries to stop sending students to a number of Jordanian
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jun 27,2019
The popular response in our part of the world to the Trump administration’s approach, or “claim” to wanting to achieve peace at the Arab-Israeli level is overwhelmingly and unprecedentedly negative.The administration has started off on the wrong footing, and continues on the same
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jun 14,2019
For some time now, we have been aware of the importance of education for employment.Traditionally, the matter did not figure explicitly in our educational literature, be it at the school or university levels.It was taken for granted that school and university graduates would be e
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - May 31,2019
Much has been said and written about the Trump administration's "deal of the century", which is supposed to address the question of Palestine specifically, and the Arab-Israeli conflict generally, but until now nothing is known about the "deal", or the plan, itself.All we hear ar
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - May 16,2019
For years, one of my favourite subjects in this column has been traffic.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Apr 25,2019
US President Donald Trump’s Mideast peace envoy Jason Greenblatt is reported to have Tweeted recently that “King Abdullah II & Jordan are strong US allies”, that the Trump administration’s “vision for peace” does not include a “confederation between Jordan, Israel & the P
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Apr 11,2019
In our society, like in any society the world over, there are positive people, negative people and people in between.Emile Habibi refers to the last as the “pessoptimists”, i.e.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Mar 28,2019
Those of us in this part of the world who believe in justice and peace for all, in accordance with international legitimacy and the rule of law, find the current US administration’s “engagement” with the Arab-Israeli conflict not only obviously laughable and counterproductive, bu
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Mar 14,2019
The University of Jordan (UJ) has taken a long-awaited, historic step: launching an ambitious fundraising campaign.Last Wednesday, the UJ’s president addressed a letter to the university community informing them of the administration’s resolve, upon the prior approval by the Boar



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