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Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jun 27,2020
Language is essentially a means of communication, developed in order to enable people to understand each other in a variety of daily and other contexts.It can also be used for innovative or creative ends, as in literature, art, music, etc.At this level, words are a blessing for w
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jun 13,2020
Experiences never cease to baffle, amaze and instruct.Just when one thinks one has figured it, or worked it, all out, something comes along that disrupts our thinking, and turns things topsy-turvy.We have always believed, for instance, that the few can and do cause big damage.And
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - May 28,2020
Based on our experience with both traditional learning and full-online learning, it has become crystal clear that the best option, for ordinary times and for most learners, is blended learning.By traditional learning, we mean face-to-face education that takes place, between the t
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - May 14,2020
Undeniably, the lockdown has had its toll on many people.In particular, individuals who are outgoing and sociable by nature found it intolerable to be forced to stay indoors for days and weeks on end.The claustrophobia and the fears emanating from dealing with an unknown, unpredi
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Apr 30,2020
The COVID-19 pandemic brought about both the best of us and the worst.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Apr 16,2020
As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Jordanian universities, like many universities in the region and abroad, suspended face-to-face education rather abruptly, and switched overnight to online education.Taking all factors into account, Jordanian universities did fairly w
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Apr 02,2020
Up to this very point in our fight against the coronavirus, most Jordanians feel confident that the country will eventually win the war against this pandemic, and win it well.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Mar 19,2020
The coronavirus, COVID 19, is a real threat both globally and nationally, but it is also a test and an opportunity.We do not know everything yet about this nasty virus, but the little we know so far calls upon all of us to give the matter utmost seriousness, and follow government
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Mar 05,2020
Once upon a time, democratic systems worldwide did their best to cater to the needs of the people. At this point in time, only a handful of systems in the world can lay claim to this noble ideal.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Feb 22,2020
In the 1980s and 1990s, much of the talk was about preparing ourselves for a "changing" world.



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