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Adli Kandah
By Adli Kandah - Jan 30,2021
Bank profits declined significantly during 2020, with exceptions for a very limited number of banks that achieved a noticeable increase in their profits for explanatory reasons.
By Adli Kandah - Jan 16,2021
How can we talk about establishing sovereign investment fund if Jordan’s General Budget registers successive deficits year after year?
By Adli Kandah - Jan 10,2021
During the past few decades, there has not been a general issue related to economic policies that had received attention, locally and globally, as has the issue of restructuring government institutions or restructuring the public sector.
By Adli Kandah - Sep 06,2020
We have structural distortions on both ends of the financial system in Jordan; on the institutional side, we have weakness in an important aspect in the role, size and tools of non-bank financial institutions operating in the market.
By Adli Kandah - Jun 13,2020
Economic growth means achieving a positive increase in the quantities of goods and services that the economy produces during a specific period, usually measured by a fiscal year.
By Adli Kandah - Feb 16,2020
We learned from various media outlets that Jordan has reached a preliminary agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission regarding a new four-year programme, in accordance with what is known as the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) whereby Jordan would obtain a $1.3 bi
By Adli Kandah - Feb 01,2020
A clear phenomenon has prevailed in Jordan during the past two decades, which is the continuous growth of public debt at rates exceeding 9 per cent annually during the period 2001-2019, reaching nearly 11 per cent for the period 2006-2019 and 11.8 per cent during the last de
By Adli Kandah - Jan 09,2020
A group of factors contributed to the increase in the size of the low-income business sector in the world; the most important of which are the high unemployment rates, the growth in the volume of part-time businesses, the increase in women's search for work, the trend toward
By Adli Kandah - Oct 20,2019
Today, we live in a world of rapid technological development, thanks to decades of investment in the IT sectors, especially in electronic communications networks worldwide. It is, therefore, self-evident that this sector controls the details of our daily lives.
By Adli Kandah - Jul 28,2019
Jordan's experience in dealing with the global financial crisis and its repercussions was a proof of the strength of the Jordanian banking sector and the soundness of its foundations.



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