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Self-accomplishment and the characteristics of success

Jan 03,2019 - Last updated at Jan 03,2019

To be successful, in my view, is to be able to alert the thoughts, sentiments and feelings of other individuals around us. To be sure, one’s ability to involve oneself in one’s environment is a matter of success, vitally connected with self-confidence. Indeed, successful people are those who can control their assurance and use thorough, rigorous judgements to make final, substantial, firm and sound decisions.

Generally, those who are successful share an interest in human development. Often, those that society deems the most successful are not the richest, or most brilliant among people; they all care about affecting their world in a positive way. Ultimately, the truly successful people know that what they have to do or offer is unique. For that, their talents are too great not to be shared with the rest of the world.

As caring and supportive as the successful may be, we often appreciate their likes, and find what it takes to be a role model of success. Having an overpowering impetus and educated leadership skills are the strengths that guide the people of success, who are uniquely self-confident, self-assured and well-mannered, and are, therefore, capable of making well-informed decisions that cannot be stopped from fulfilling their aspirations.

Intellectual and psychological robustness are also strong attributes that reinforce the success of this type of people even further. Successful individuals love what they do and will not be stopped on the way of making their dreams see the light of the day.

As we live in a cultural web that is changing fast, successful people need to share with the rest of us their traits and success stories, which are supposed to be a paramount example of timelessness, distinction and dedication to activity and action. Recognising the attributes of successful people and following their philosophy can be a good starting point towards enjoying the quality of the life of a successful person.

As a matter of fact, a successful person is a mature individual who makes difficult decisions and acts upon them instantly, without hesitation, a fact that reflects decisiveness and well-established perfectionism shared by peers of similar accomplishment, dedication and endeavour.

To surround ourselves by highly effectual, competent and resourceful people is a crucial, fundamental part of success. But by no means is this peculiar to certain categories of people. Professors, teachers, scientists, physicians, writers, thinkers, reformers and musicians, as examples, all enfold themselves with the most brilliant, intelligent and sharp-witted people, setting themselves in an environment where they can flourish. Making good friends with esteemed forerunners in our own field of work, knowledge or specialisation is crucial to living as and enjoying the benefits of a successful person.

Successful, fruitful, positive, effective, efficacious people are those who are capable of involving themselves in a wide range of ideas or activities. Unless one desires to dedicate one’s life to solving incomprehensible matters, or isolate oneself for the rest of life to write the world's longest novel, having the ability to see through all walks of life is an eminent task for a successful person.

To make a long story short, those who are successful are those who cannot tolerate inoperativeness, idleness and sedentariness!

May 2019 be a year of success and prosperity at all levels, and Season’s Greetings!

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