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Faith or frustration

Jun 14,2018 - Last updated at Jun 14,2018

What seemed to be a group event that aimed to focus on one main goal turned out to be a trigger for others to express their inner feelings about life, their inner thoughts about themselves, their difficult experiences, daily struggles and their continuing relationship with confusing questions that, over the years, may not seem to find a solution or an answer to.

”We are discouraged, we cannot build ourselves, we cannot get married, we cannot grow our own businesses, we cannot make money, we cannot immigrate...” and many more of such questions. For those who had enough faith to make their voices heard and managed to make a significant change to the system, I salute you, and for those who left feeling as frustrated as when they started to protest I write for you.

One very important point of view that development analysers forget to focus on is the fact that people with no awareness whatsoever about emotional intelligence, critical thinking, family planning or self development techniques or ideas are encountering the wide range of problems that are exponentially increasing with time, and due to this fact the whole region, including Jordan, behaved like a scheduled time bomb.

It will be almost impossible to list all the points that need to be addressed in one short article, but shedding the light on few important ones will hopefully enable any reader to tune in properly to the level of detail and understand the scope of interest:

Lack of self awareness: From being sexually frustrated, confused and lost to being unable to identify one's own passions, interests and preferences to lacking the ability to build one's character in the way that one wants. The absence of self awareness, emotional intelligence and self development techniques, which should be present as a vital part of any educational system in any school, is acting like a deadly parasite, slowly draining the motivation of many individuals, leaving them with feelings of rage and frustration.

The absence of business and financial planning knowledge, as not everyone grows to be a good investor, but unlike heroes or prophets, good investors are made and not born. Many who possess due to inheritance, lottery or simply from the great loan plans that our local banks are starting to offer its clients, often end up victims to bad planning and poor investments due to the lack of any business skills and financial management knowledge, a simple mandatory course prior to taking any loan or operating with any investment can make a difference between success and failure.

Lack of political knowledge, since all individuals in any country that hopes to reach the best state it can reach must learn to exhibit basic political knowledge and political thinking skills. This is not for the reason that everyone needs to think before they protest in order not to end up bringing the whole country down, but to give opportunity to those with skill, knowledge and experience to break the fear of the unknown within and to rise up with courage whenever an opportunity to be an active member in the political system in Jordan presents itself.

We may want to turn our heads away once in a while, shut our ears from the sound of burning bridges and fallen governments, but if one listens carefully, one will hear more than that, the sound of neurons in the brain being disconnected from one another out of confusion is heard in every neighbourhood the moment that a child stops playing and laughing and starts experimenting with cigarettes and drugs.

Whether any higher authority took action or not, together we can educate, pass our touch of knowledge and break the shame of learning from one another or teaching one another, all for a good cause and a higher purpose.


Issa J Gammoh
is a published author. He contributed this article to The Jordan Times

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