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Within an overall scheme

Sep 27,2018 - Last updated at Sep 27,2018

Much has been, and is being, done in Jordan that is both quality and outstanding. Nevertheless, not only is there a lot to be done yet, but done within an overall plan.

At the level of infrastructure, at the level of services and in any sector that one can think of, so much stands out.

The procedures followed by our Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department, our Civil Status and Passport Department, our Social Security Corporation; to name a few, are noticeably smooth and efficient. Compared with their counterparts in the region and abroad they are, in fact, world-class.

The same can be said about the quality of several of our university programmes in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, languages, etc., roads, restaurants, hotels and hospitals among other sectors and facilities.

Overall, quality and excellence have been increasing, slowly and sporadically, but steadily.

At the same time, within these same sectors we find institutions, services, programmes, facilities and outlets of all sorts, which are extremely deficient and way below standards.

Clearly, we need to work on these to make them more satisfactory and competitive, on the one hand, and expand the extent and scope of excellence, on the other.

An improvement here and an improvement there does make a difference. And we should continue working on improving quality wherever and whenever we can.

In addition, it is high time, as we keep reminding, to move to bigger, mega-projects in: transportation, energy, tourism, real estate, industry, etc.

We are thinking small, but we also must think big.

Simultaneously, we need to put many of the micro and macro reforms, development or advancement projects into an overall scheme or plan, preferably a grand scheme.

We do have several plans and several strategies for the various sectors, but I do not believe we have a unified one for the country as a whole, an overall plan or strategy in which all parts fall together nicely.

Having the latter is a must, because it is the roadmap guiding us as to what we need to do and where we want to be. It is very much like a compass, a microscope or a telescope.

Without it, we have no sense of direction or vision.

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