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The only option is the Palestinian option

Oct 19,2017 - Last updated at Oct 19,2017

The Israeli government has been flagrantly disregarding Palestinian peace overtures and violating Palestinians’ rights. Worse, it has been systematically taking “measures on the ground” that not only make a settlement with the Palestinians almost impossible, but also promote and escalate the conflict.

Through an evil scheme of illegal settlement expansion in occupied Palestinian territories, the Israeli government is trying to make it impossible for the Palestinians to build their state on the small fraction of Palestine dedicated to this purpose.

To this end, in what informed observers call outright theft, the Israeli government has swallowed large tracts of lands and houses in Jerusalem, in Hebron now and in many parts of the West Bank.

In addition to this, Israel is harassing Palestinians on daily basis, doing all it can to make their life difficult, not to mention shooting demonstrators point blank, imprisoning civilians and keeping them in hellish jails without trial, and doing all it can to ridicule and weaken the Palestinian Authority, Israel’s presumed “peace partner”.

Israel treats the “peace” agreement it signed with the Palestinians as history.

All this is bad news for the Palestinians who only want peace, the restoration of their legitimate rights and to build their state in their home, Palestine.

But is this good news for the Israelis?

Not at all.

How can Israel hope to live in peace without respecting peace?

How can Israel secure its present and its future by denying security to the Palestinians and to other nations?

All Israeli measures are no more than hopeless, desperate, irresponsible and unsuccessful delaying tactics.

No one can succeed in building healthy relations with others by outsmarting or manipulating them.

All Israel succeeded in doing is to promote conflict, destabilise the situation and compel the Palestinians to set on a collision course with it, which is not in its interest.

Palestinians — and Israelis know this extremely well — are going nowhere. Palestine is their home, and in their home they will stay and have their state, come what may.

Furthermore, no country in the world, not even the United States which, alas, is turning a blind eye to all Israeli transgressions — condones Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands.

All countries, big and small, are calling on Israel to refrain from building settlements in territories that are not theirs and to withdraw from all occupied territories.

And this is what Israel should do; the sooner the better.


Its deviant measures on the ground, no matter how attractive they may seem to Israeli politicians, will never make the problem go away and will never change the reality, which is that the only solution to the Palestinian problem is a Palestinian state on the one and only land the Palestinian have known and will ever know, Palestine.

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Amen Palestine to decide their fate, not everyone but them

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