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Failure of war, failure of politics

Oct 19,2019 - Last updated at Oct 19,2019

It has become crystal clear throughout centuries of tragic experiences that wars do not solve problems, unlike what some may claim.

Throughout human history, wars have been costly and destructive. And they leave so many issues not only unresolved, but causes of continuous tension and conflict.

This same premise applies to wars in our part of the world, which has not seen real stability for the past hundred years.

During this past century, so many wars have been waged, caused primarily by expansionist, colonial powers; and we still live in conflict in their aftermath.

And they are still being waged, at a large human and material cost, by both groups that resort to militarism and violence in an attempt to settle differences or scores, and countries that claim to be democratic and civil.

Is our world better as a result of a century of military conflicts and wars?

Not at all.

So many causes stand behind waging wars: Selfish economic interest, expansionism and settlement in the land of others under all kinds of "sacred" and profane pretexts, colonialism, intoxication with power, oppression of minority groups, disrespect of neighbours, etc.

One of the main causes of militarism or wars, however, is the failure of politics.

Humans, at the individual as well as collective levels, are supposed to settle differences through civil, nonviolent means: Dialogue, negotiations, conflict-resolution skills, etc.

The fact that they resort to power and violence instead is an indication that those in charge, essentially the politicians, are not up to the task.

It takes two to tango and, generally speaking, politicians are not necessarily the best or the most qualified humans in their societies.

What is most ironic in this very context is that most wars, in our part of the world and elsewhere, are caused by politicians of countries that claim to be peaceful, civil and enlightened.

Wars are obsolete means of conflict resolution, and they are a blemish on our progress and civilisation as human beings.

They have got to be criminalised and eliminated, and humans, as individuals in societies, should resort to civil means of resolving issues, such as those mentioned above, as well as resorting to courts as the ultimate option.

Neither wars nor politicians should be left to determine the way we conduct ourselves and the course of life on our planet.

There have got to be more qualified players and more civil options.

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