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Parliament to review recommendations to improve health centre services

By Ana V. Ibáñez Prieto - Aug 20,2018 - Last updated at Aug 20,2018

AMMAN — Head of the Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee Ibrahim Al Budour on Saturday pledged to study the recommendations of several stakeholders on the health sector to improve health centre services across several governorates, and committed to further discuss their implementation at the Lower House. 

These pledges came during a discussion held by Al Hayat Centre for Civil Society Development designed to review the results of its campaign to improve health centre services through community participation, which aimed at activating the role of provincial councils and community health committees. 

The campaign was part of the programme  “Enhancing Parliamentary Performance through Promoting Accountability Practices”,  which involves citizens in identifying issues within the community and taking them under the dome with the support of the National Centre for Human Rights and the European Union. 

During the meeting, participants presented the needs of their communities, pointing out issues such as the waste of public money, the lack of specialised clinics, transportation to the health centres and the activation of the role of deputies. 

The discussion was attended by Amman Third District MP Khalid Ramadan, who pointed out that “the development of societies happens through the creation of community coalitions like this one. Building the strength of the provincial councils is essential in order to eventually improve the services provided to the citizens”. 

Concerning the issues addressed by the participants, Ramadan expressed his commitment to following up with recommendations, pledging to “work with any committee that may be formed in order to address the issues”. 

For her part, MP Dima Tahboub stated that “the draft laws aimed at regulating health centre services are at the heart of the MPs’ work”, noting, however, the need to “bear in mind that these laws should be compatible with the solutions to issues concerning funding management and fair distribution”. 

 “It is urgent to reconsider the philosophy of healthcare,” the MP concluded, highlighting “the right of the citizen to receive services that account for what he or she provides to the state as a taxpayer”.

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