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New heatwave expected to prevail next week

By Hana Namrouqa - Jul 31,2015 - Last updated at Jul 31,2015

AMMAN — The country will be affected as of Saturday by a heatwave which will push temperatures seven degrees above their annual average for this time of the year of 32°C, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said on Thursday.

The heatwave comes on the heels of a seasonal depression that originated from the Indian subcontinent and pushed temperatures three to five degrees above the annual average during this time of the year.

Originating from the Arabian Peninsula,  the impact of the heatwave is forecast to continue until later next week, according to the JMD, which announces a heatwave when temperatures rise five degrees above the annual average for a period of more than three days.

The wave will bring hot and dry weather to all parts of the country starting Saturday, when temperatures will rise to 37°C during the day and drop to 26°C at nighttime in the capital, while winds will be northwesterly to northeasterly moderate to brisk, according to a JMD meteorologist.

The impact of the heatwave will peak on Sunday, when temperatures in Amman during the day will hit their upper thirties, the meteorologist said.

"Mercury levels on Sunday will reach 39°C during the day in Amman and 27°C at night, with a slight chance for scattered showers, especially in the eastern parts of the country," the weather forecaster said.

Temperatures on Sunday will be much higher in other parts of the country, especially in the badia, the Jordan Valley and Aqaba, south of the Kingdom.

In Zarqa Governorate on Sunday, temperatures will be 40°C, while in the badia, and Aqaba mercury levels will exceed 45°C, and soar to 47°C in Ghor Al Safi in the southern Jordan Valley, according to the meteorologist.

During heatwaves, the Civil Defence Department (CDD) urges people to avoid sun exposure and to remain hydrated, especially those who work outdoor to avoid sunstroke and health complications resulting from the hot weather. 

The public is also advised against going out during the hottest hours of the day between 12:00pm to 3pm to avoid heat exhaustion and heatstroke, drink lots of fluids and natural juices to stay hydrated and to steer off drinks that contain sugar or caffeine, such as coffee and tea, because they cause the body to lose fluids, according to recent weather-related instructions issued by the CDD.

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