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Malaysia shares development experience in technical cooperation programme

By Batool Ghaith - Oct 13,2021 - Last updated at Oct 13,2021

Malaysia’s Ambassador to Jordan and Palestine Datuk Jilid Kuminding speaks during the 2021 MTCP Alumni Gathering & Networking Luncheon at the Malaysian embassy in Amman on Wednesday (Photo courtesy of Reem Al Zou’bi)

AMMAN — Since the establishment of the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) in 1980, MTCP has trained a total of 426 participants from Jordan, Malaysia’s Ambassador to Jordan and Palestine Datuk Jilid Kuminding said.

The envoy’s remarks came during the 2021 MTCP Alumni Gathering & Networking Luncheon at the Malaysian embassy in Amman on Wednesday.

Kuminding noted that from January of this year until this month, a total of 21 Jordanian participants have participated in various short-term MTCP training courses.

“MTCP is conducted through the sharing of Malaysia’s development experiences and provision of training and technical advice in areas that are important for the development of fellow developing countries,” the ambassador said.

The MTCP puts emphasis on the development of human resources through the provision of training in various areas that are essential for a country’s development, such as public administration, agriculture, poverty alleviation, investment promotion, ICT, banking and the English language, Kuminding continued.

Jordanians in Malaysia attended courses including Islamic microfinance, air traffic management, maritime operation and rural development this year, Kuminding mentioned.

“Due to the closure of the Malaysian borders and the COVID-19 pandemic, MTCP participants were only able to attend the training courses virtually,” he added. 

The ambassador highlighted that the Malaysian embassy is planning to offer more courses in various sectors for Jordan, such as tourism, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, energy, food and beverage business, Islamic banking, textiles industry, civil aviation management, taxation and customs management, economic planning, cyber security, microfinance and IT Audit sectors.

The ambassador reiterated the Malaysian embassy’s commitment to sharing developmental experiences and expertise by providing various human capacity-building programmes and technical assistance to Jordan in the coming years. 

“Hopefully the MTCP participants would utilise the knowledge and experience to further contribute for the betterment of Jordan,” Kuminding added.

Representative of Jordanian MTCP Alumni, Abeer Arafat, expressed her gratitude for the MTCP programme.

“The programme helped me get the trainings I need to get promoted several times in my career journey,” Arafat said during her speech.

“We are excited to know about the new training programmes and looking forward to attending jointly funded projects to transfer technologies between the countries,” she added.

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