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Kingdom’s ‘actual capital’ lies in its people — Prince Hassan

Dutch-funded programme sought to prepare communities for changing climate, gender roles

By JT - Jun 12,2019 - Last updated at Jun 12,2019

HRH Prince Hassan said that Jordan’s ‘actual capital’ lies in its people during a Tuesday speech to mark the end of a West Asia/North Africa Institute project (Petra photo)

AMMAN — HRH Prince Hassan, head of the West Asia/North Africa Institute (WANA), on Tuesday precided over the closing ceremony of the “Enabling Communities for Climate Change Adaptation Planning: Understanding Gender Roles” project.

WANA launched the project with funding from the Netherlands, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

In his address, the prince stressed that the Kingdom’s “actual capital” lies in the empowerment of its people and their ability to contribute to its development.

He highlighted the importance of building partnerships between decision makers, civil society and citizens, and the necessity of setting comprehensive policies in order to balance priorities, create holistic visions to overcome challenges and develop skills.

Prince Hassan pointed to the connection between agriculture and nutrition and the need to develop “clear-cut” programmes and policies to mitigate the effects of hunger and water problems, according to Petra.

He called for increased attention to water pollution, for its “significant impact” on human health.

The prince also stressed that accurate maps would contribute to the integration of spatial, human and economic depth.

“The project has provided Jordanian youth with the opportunity to understand climate change and the importance of adapting to it,” Mark Hassler, a senior Dutch official at the embassy in Amman, said.

He added that the Dutch government would continue to support Jordan in its efforts to adjust to climate change.

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