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King says Tafileh residents’ need to go to capital for treatment ‘unacceptable’

His Majesty meets with notables of southern governorate, opens engineering facility

By Mohammad Ghazal - Feb 18,2019 - Last updated at Feb 18,2019

His Majesty King Abdullah, accompanied by HRH Crown Prince Hussein, meets with notables and representatives of Tafileh during a visit to the governorate, some 180 kilometres south of Amman, on Monday (Photo courtesy of Royal Court)

TAFILEH — His Majesty King Abdullah on Monday issued directives to address the needs and priorities of Tafileh Governorate's residents and to significantly improve services in various sectors.

Addressing notables and representatives of Tafileh in the presence of HRH Crown Prince Hussein, His Majesty said he was fully aware of the challenges facing the residents of the governorate, located some 180 kilometres to the south of Amman.

The King said it was unacceptable that some citizens who are in need of specific medical treatment are obliged to go to Amman’s hospitals to receive the treatment they need. In this regard, His Majesty issued instructions to the government to speed up the establishment of Al Tafileh Public Hospital.

Noting that Tafileh is rich with unconventional tourist attractions, such as Afra and Dana, King Abdullah said that intensified efforts are required to increase investments in the area and create needed jobs.

With the resolve of Jordanians, His Majesty said, the upcoming phase will be the beginning for improving conditions in the country.

The King announced that several projects and initiatives will be implemented in the southern governorate to help address some of the challenges facing residents.

The King said he issued instructions for officials at the Royal Court and the government to visit Tafileh next week, follow up on the residents’ demands, identify priorities and needs and implement investments in the fields of tourism and industry.

The King underlined the significance of the London initiative, which will be held at the end of this month, saying it was an opportunity to attract investments to Jordan.

During the visit to the governorate, King Abdullah opened an engineering facility at Al Tafileh Technical University, which provides university students with quality training and skills that are in line with their specialisations.

The King said it was important to focus on technical majors and training, which will help the youth penetrate the labour market.

His Majesty was briefed on the new facility, which is home to qualified trainers in various sectors, and on several projects by students of the university’s engineering faculty, which received international awards.

At the meeting, Royal Court Chief Yousef Issawi said that the Royal Court and the government carried out projects worth JD34 million in the governorate over the past year, including the development of the city centre, building 155 housing units, establishing schools and youth centres and building a factory, which employs 391 young Jordanian women.

More than 200 income-generating projects were supported in the governorate, he said.

Work is also under way to build more housing units for underprivileged families and a centre for people with disabilities, Issawi said, adding that a team from the Royal Court and the government will visit Tafileh next week to discuss needs and priorities. Efforts will focus on creating income-generating projects and supporting innovative ideas by the youth, he noted.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Rajai Muasher said the government is working on major projects in the governorate, including the Tafileh hospital, of which is 45 per cent has already been completed.

Around 95 per cent of a JD6-million industrial estate in the governorate is also completed, the minister said, adding that several projects in fields of energy and sanitation, among others, are under construction.

Muasher noted that around 617 young residents from Tafileh applied for the recently launched National Service programme.

He said the government will soon start discussions in the governorates regarding the decentralisation process as part of a national dialogue that has already been launched to improve the Decentralisation Law.

Residents of the area showcased their demands, which included addressing unemployment, which stands at 25 per cent in Tafileh. 

They also called for measures to attract investments to the governorate, whose population is around 100,000, and called for better health and infrastructure services.

Supporting women and youth, as well as establishing income-generating projects, topped the list of demands by the notables and residents of Tafileh.



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