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King attends funeral of fallen officer as Jordanians hail success of anti-terror operation

By JT - Mar 03,2016 - Last updated at Mar 03,2016

His Majesty King Abdullah, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army, participates in the funeral of Major Rashed Zyoud in Gharisa cemetery, located in Zarqa's Hashemiyeh District, on Wednesday (Photo courtesy of Royal Court)

AMMAN – His Majesty King Abdullah, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF), on Wednesday attended the funeral of Major Rashed Hussein Zyoud, who was killed during clashes with terrorists in Irbid the night before. 

Major Zyoud biography highlights

Following are the highlights of the biography of Major Rashed Zyoud, who died in the line of duty Tuesday night during a clash with a terror cell:

Born in 1985 to a father who was an army general and a mother who worked as a teacher

Zyoud received his primary and secondary education in military schools

In 2003, he enrolled in Mutah University’s Military Wing where he studied English and military sciences

He graduated in 2007 and joined the Special Forces 

In 2010, he was promoted to First Lieutenant and to Captain in 2013

On March 1, 2016, he fell in the line of duty in clashes with a terrorist cell in Irbid

On March 2, 2016, His Majesty  King Abdullah promoted him to Major in recognition of his sacrifice.

Royal family members, King’s Military Adviser and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Gen. Mashal Al Zaben and high-ranking army officers and senior officials attended the funeral. 

Zyoud was given a military funeral in his hometown of Gharisa in Zarqa Governorate. 

His Majesty helped in the burial, as pictures showed, and was accompanied by Their Royal Highnesses Prince Feisal and Prince Hassan.

In a tweet His Majesty posted Wednesday, he said: “My son, Rashed Zyoud. We bid you farewell today a martyr who joined the caravans of glory of your brothers in arms, who honoured their promises to God and the country. Your sacrifice is not unfamiliar from a Jordanian, a soldier in the Arab Army or a member of our security agencies. God bless the martyr's soul and save our country”. 

In recognition of Zyoud's sacrifice and his firm stand against those who tried to threaten the security of the country and its people, a Royal Decree was issued on Wednesday promoting him to the rank of major.    

Participants placed wreaths on Zyoud's tomb and a Jordanian flag was handed to his relatives by the JAF.

Special security forces killed seven outlaws in a raid on a building in downtown Irbid during which Zyoud was killed.

A source told the Jordan News Agency, Petra, that four security personnel, along with two citizens caught in crossfire, were injured during the operation, which began Tuesday evening and lasted till the early hours of Wednesday.

The General Intelligence Department (GID) said Wednesday that the seven armed men killed in the raid by special security forces were Daesh affiliates who were planning to carry out terrorist attacks on military and civil sites in the Kingdom.

In a statement carried by Petra, the GID said that it foiled a terror plot after thorough intelligence, adding that ahead of Irbid operation, 13 members of the group had been arrested.

Security forces identified the location of the other seven members, who holed up in a residential building in the northern town, 80km from Amman and 20km south of the Syrian border. They refused to surrender and opened fire from automatic rifles, prompting the raiding force to respond and kill the entire cell members.

The terrorists were wearing explosive belts, according to GID, which said that weapons and explosives were seized from the location.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said that the operation ended at around 3:00am on Wednesday, adding that the killed outlaws were linked to terrorist organisations.

Attending the Senate’s Wednesday session, Ensour said that the injured were in fair to moderate condition, according to Petra.

Irbid residents told The Jordan Times on Wednesday that life went back to normal in the morning.

According to military experts and commentators, foiling the terror plot by Daesh in Irbid sends a strong message to terrorist groups seeking to undermine the country’s stability that Jordan is vigilant and strong. 

“The successful security operation holds testimony to Jordan’s immunity against any attempts by radical groups to breach the country’s security and stability,” Major General Mohammad Farghal, director of the Centre for Strategic Studies at the Jordan Armed Forces told The Jordan Times on Wednesday.

Jordanians on Wednesday said there is no place for terrorists in the country, as security and stability is its biggest asset. 

In remarks to The Jordan Times and in statements posted on social media networks to comment on hours-long clashes between security forces and the Daesh-affiliated group, Jordanians defied terror with strong messages and national unity and resolute. 


Jordanians said they will not be afraid because of their faith in vigilant security agencies, which they said will not allow terrorists to disturb public order. 

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