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Gov’t lowers electricity tariffs for large consumers

By JT - Oct 04,2016 - Last updated at Oct 04,2016

AMMAN – The government has decided to lower electricity tariffs on some economic sectors and large consumers. 

The Cabinet on Monday directed the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) to take the necessary measures to implement the decision as of November 1, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 

The move would reduce power tariffs on mining industries and telecom operators by 27 fils per kilowatt an hour (kWh). 

Mining firms, such as the potash and phosphate companies, are subject to three different tariff systems. They pay JD2.98 per kWh under maximum load, 264 fils per kWh during the day and 197 fils per kWh during the night, according to the list of tariffs available on the website of EMRC. 

Telecom companies are subject to two brackets as their consumption from 1 kWh to 2,000 kWh is priced at 257 fils per kWh, while when consuming more than 2,000 kWh, the price is set at 300 fils per kWh, according to the EMRC website. 

The Cabinet, which issued the directions during a meeting for the Council of Ministers, instructed EMRC to decrease tariffs on large consumers of regular subscribers such as public buildings, places of worship, hospitals, sport and cultural clubs, offices of professional associations and educational institutions by 10 fils per kWh, according to Petra, which noted that the Cabinet also urged the reduction of tariffs on commercial establishments by 9 fils per kWh and on other large consumers of shopping centres and restaurants by 6 fils per kWh. 

The decision, Petra said, would also include hotels to remain at its rate of 91 fils per kWh instead of 181 per kWh before 2014. 

Daytime power supply to large industries will go down by 9 fils per kWh from 133 fils to 124 fils per kWh. 


Energy Minister Ibrahim Saif was quoted by Petra as saying that the move reflects the government’s understanding of hard economic challenges facing the sectors and  is in a bid to boost their competitiveness. 

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