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Fisherman starts trash collection project in Aqaba

By Rayya Al Muheisen - Nov 01,2022 - Last updated at Nov 01,2022

AMMAN — Over 40 kilogrammes of waste and plastic are collected from Aqaba waters every day by a responsible fisherman. 

Ahmad Ereej is a 42-year-old Jordanian fisherman, who has never considered himself an “eco-warrior”. 

“But the amount of plastic and waste we stumble on as fishermen is immense. This encouraged me to take action and start my own sea cleanups,” Ereej told The Jordan Times.  

Ereej is a full-time fisherman who made a commitment to himself to do daily cleanups in Aqaba’s waters.

Three months ago, Ereej invested in three containers which he installed in the water for visitors, fishermen and others to use as trash bins. In just the three containers, Ereej claims that he collects over 40 kilogrammes of waste every day.

 “I want to make Aqaba waters fishable and swimmable,” he added, stating that the amount of plastic found floating in the water is “crazy”.

“It’s causing marine and coastal pollution, and we barely find fish in Aqaba’s waters,” Ereej said. 

“The destiny of the sea and its beautiful creatures depends on humans and their responsible actions,” he added.

Ereej stated that people are cooperating; he empties the overflowing containers daily.

“People are fully aware of the dangers of throwing plastic and garbage in the water. Therefore, they go the extra mile to throw garbage in containers,” he said. 

Despite the success of his efforts, Ereej called for more awareness campaigns to shine light on the harmful actions of some irresponsible individuals and companies that negatively affect marine life along Jordan’s shores.

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