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320,000 sixth, ninth graders to begin ministry exams Wednesday

By Laila Azzeh - Jun 01,2015 - Last updated at Jun 01,2015

AMMAN — A total of 320,000 sixth and ninth graders will sit for unified exams in selected subjects starting Wednesday.

Although the decision was initially met with dismay by teachers, students and parents, the Education Ministry on Monday underlined that the exams will "include questions from the curricula and take students' individual differences into account".

"The ultimate purpose of the exams is to measure students' abilities and identify any weaknesses," Education Ministry Spokesperson Walid Jallad said.

Under new regulations, 170,000 sixth graders and 150,000 ninth graders will be tested in maths, Arabic and English, while sixth grade students will also be tested in science, in a bid to improve education outcomes, according to the ministry.

Schools will be responsible for giving students 60 per cent of their grades based on their own tests and 40 per cent will be based on the ministry’s tests.

Students’ names will not appear on exam papers during the correction process to ensure credibility, while those who fail will retake the exams during the summer in accordance with standard regulations.


In previous remarks, Education Minister Mohammad Thneibat noted that the move seeks to end the differences between schools, achieve equality among students and unveil their “true” academic level.

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