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Wonderful people of Jordan

Jul 21,2018 - Last updated at Jul 21,2018

Yesterday, I had a little accident. Going way left on the road to avoid a double-parked truck in the road, I failed to see a small "island" in the middle of the street and hit it with my left front tire. The tire completely blew out and I barely made it to the side of the street to park.

Within literally seconds, a driver stopped and asked if I needed help. A traffic policeman, who was nearby, came running over and after ascertaining that I was ok, immediately proceeded to assist me with the tire. His name was Annas Al Khatib and I will never forget his kindness. A minute later, a traffic police car showed up and the policeman also stopped and started to help. Hardly a car passed by without the drivers offering help. 

It was quite complicated to get the tire off as it was badly bent, in order to install the spare. Both policeman and two kind young men worked tirelessly to get my car moving again, all the time also offering kind words and reassurances, as I was visibly upset. None of the helpers would accept any compensation, they all assured me that doing a good deed was reward enough.

I came to Jordan 19 years ago and I have never regretted making it my home. Yesterday, I once again realised how truly blessed I am to live in this wonderful country that has the kindest and nicest people on earth! God bless Jordan and its people!

Uschi Samawi

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