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Cyber hate and campus aggression

Nov 27,2016 - Last updated at Nov 27,2016

Many experts and specialists tried to analyse the phenomenon of campus aggression in Jordan, which has been on the increase over the last years.

Little attention has been paid, however, to the role cyber hate plays in exacerbating this phenomenon.

Social media and networks are the main platform for disseminating hate. 

Cyber hate could be using any type of electronic information and communication technology tool to spread racism, sexism, terrorism, xenophobia, religious bigotry and other types of hateful contents.

The government should control cyber hate and enact laws that prohibit such content in cyperspace.

Universities should employ electronic media to promote tolerance, acceptance of others and positive behaviour, and encourage students to engage in useful extracurricular activities.

Furthermore, families play a vital role in reinforcing positive values and behaviour for their children, and teach them how to avoid any type of hateful action.

Fighting against cyber hate and promoting tolerance, mutual understanding and acceptance, and producing positive, interesting online contents in the cyberspace would help mitigate the phenomenon of aggression among students.

Mamoon Allan,

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