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Becoming aware of road safety precautions

Apr 28,2018 - Last updated at Apr 28,2018

It is with great sadness that I read this morning about the tragic death a young student and the injury of several others, as a result of an accident on their way to school.  

However, the thought came to my mind as to whether or not the parents or guardians of  those students, who are obliged to avail themselves of  unofficial private  transport  to take their children to school,  really do their due diligence?  Do they check the papers of the driver?  Do they make sure that the minibus is fit for purpose mechanically and equipped with the requisite number of seat belt?   Does every student have a seat or is the bus carrying more than its capacity? 

Every day, sitting in traffic in Amman, I see the most basic rules of road safety  being ignored, from children on a lap of  a front seat passenger,  to several  people crammed into a car which is clearly designed for four or five passengers,  and children leaning out of windows in moving vehicles, not to mention drivers who are controlling the steering wheel with a couple of fingers whilst clutching a mobile telephone to their ear with one hand and a cigarette held in two fingers of the same hand that is  doing the steering.   

We must become aware of safety precautions and be wise before the event, not grieving afterwards.


Dina Adnan


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Totally agreed but it would also help if the police did their job rather than just sitting on the roadside checking papers and sipping coffee. If they pro-actively went after and stopped the offenders and hit them in the only place it seems to hurt, their wallets & purses, and take away their licences, then maybe things will change for the safer.

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