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Making website creation easy

By Jean-Claude Elias - Jan 16,2020 - Last updated at Jan 16,2020

Would you like to quickly and nicely create your own website without having to learn heavy software or to hire expensive professionals? There is a solution in the market, provided what you have in mind is not a gigantic website or one that is too complex.

The pace of change in the digital technology world is exhausting for some but thrilling for most. The biggest annual tech show on Earth, the CES in Las Vegas in Nevada, just closed its doors last week. From downright sci-fi novelties like food-recognition (no misprint…) microwave ovens, to new smartphone cameras that intend to match the performance of full format SLR models and the “RIP Windows 7” announcement that is guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes of some of us, sensational news are many and will keep the community talking and chatting for the coming few weeks.

Still, it seems that one of the most significant high-tech element is on the rather quiet side of innovation and has been there for some time now. Recently, however, users have come to realise how significant it is. This element is WordPress, the efficient tool that lets you easily and quickly create your own website.

“Website” is almost a magic word now. We all live on websites. Not a single day passes without logging on or visiting several sites, whether from a computer’s screen or a mobile device. The needs and the reasons are many, from simply reading news or googling for information, to filling out tax forms, enjoying social networks, doing our online banking, booking a plane ticket or simply shopping online. Chances are that you are reading this very article on The Jordan Times’ website.

A website can be very simple or very complex. At the upper end, a site like for example is a fine, gigantic piece of digital tech work. Such mega-sites do not only include huge databases, they also involve intricate payment and security methods. Fortunately, not everybody needs to build a website as big and as complicated as for instance Amazon, Royal Jordanian Airline, or the like.

In the overwhelming number of cases, especially at personal level, a website is about merely providing information, presenting a subject, introducing yourself or your product to the world. Sure it will contain not only text, but also photos and even sometimes videos. Over the years WordPress has proven to be a great tool that just lets you do that easily and nicely.

WordPress is a software tool that was initially introduced back in 2003 — this already is a good 17 years! It started rather slowly however, and it is only in recent years that it has gained wide popularity and undisputed recognition. Actually the whole idea of building your own website without professional assistance has become relay popular only recently.

To make a website truly work you do not only need to design it, you also need to host it with one of the multiple servers in the world so it can be “broadcast” on the web, otherwise it is but a nice thing you have on your own computer and that the rest of the world cannot see! 

Websites hosting providers like for instance Godaddy or Hostgator (to name only two of the biggest ones) can provide you with the service, and they both recommend, support and give access to WordPress, this way completing all the package you need for your website, from scratch to seeing it alive on the web.

WordPress is only one of the widely available website builders that also includes Wix, Webflow and Weebly, among others. On the lighter side, it is hard not to notice that their names all start with a “W”…

They all give options to either free accounts or would charge an average $5 to $10 per month, a reasonable amount given the excellent and quick result they let you reach.

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