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Hogwarts for assassins in amazing new action series

By Shant A. Voskian - Mar 05,2019 - Last updated at Mar 05,2019

I’m sure we all like to unwind after a long day by watching our preferred action drama series. Whether it’s the romantic entanglements between the characters, the fight sequences or the mystery solving, one gets a dose of entertainment and escape.

But add a school for assassins in to the mix and you have a perfect setting that intensifies the experience. Which brings me to a new series released and still running called “Deadly Class”. Based on the comic book series of the same name, created by Miles Orion Feldsott and Rick Remender, and aired on the SYFY channel, it is one of the most promising series presented this year. 

The story takes place during the 1980s in San Francisco where an orphaned homeless young teen Marcus Lopez, played by relative newcomer Benjamin Wadsworth (“Teen Wolf”), disillusioned by the state of the world gets recruited by the mysterious Master Lin, played by Benedict Wong (“Doctor Strange”, “Avengers: Infinity Wars”), to go to a school for the deadly arts called Kings Dominion. 

He quickly finds out that it is not easy to hold on to his moral code while being targeted by the schools different factions and learning the violent curriculum required. Marcus joins a group of fellow misfits and social rejects in the school that band together to survive the trials ahead. At every turn he must fight to survive and defend the people he cares for the most.

Saya Kuroki, played by the talented Lana Condor (“X-Men: Apocalypse”, “Alita: Battle Angel”), both a trainee for the Japanese criminal organisation, the Yakuza, and part of the merry band of outsiders, keeps a distant eye on Marcus as he navigates through the schools social structure while keeping her growing feelings for him a secret due to the schools dominant politics. 

Each character is well formed and has an interesting backstory which is explored in every episode which makes you feel and empathise for each character, and understand the complex and colourful histories that put them on the path to Kings Dominion. 

The interactions between these wonderful characters feels natural and drizzled with instances of comedy that mix well with the serious, dark and gruesome moments.

The show’s costumes bring the punk rock anti-establishment rebel fashion back in style along with other diverse attires of the era while the set designs bring the Reagan 80s back to life, with the still-ongoing Cold War which makes its presence known in Kings Dominion. Nothing seems out of place or out of time as the show fully commits to the authenticity of the period that only manages to complement the amazing story.

The series is filled with the right mix of drama, action and romance expected from a young adult series. It does not bore you by lingering in a moment too long, but is choreographed in such a way that keeps you interested in the characters and focused on the story being told. Most importantly, I think, the story of “Deadly Class” is a fresh idea and concept that has not been explored to death yet, which makes it stand alone among other series. 

The first season has not ended yet so you still have time to catch up, but in my opinion, from what I have seen, I would say there is a high chance that it will gain lots of fans by the time the season is over. So if you are looking for a new show to add to your list of good entertainment, I suggest you consider “Deadly Class” as one of them.

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