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A healthier September to remember

By Sonia Salfity , Family Flavours - Sep 26,2021 - Last updated at Sep 26,2021

Photos courtesy of Family Flavours magazine

Just as our home gets cluttered when we ignore the results of bad habits, our minds get clouded when we make bad food choices. I think more clearly when my house is in order and when I’ve eaten fresh food instead of processed junk. 

I decided I was going to finally go through my bedroom in hopes of decluttering and getting rid of clothes I was not using. Keep in mind this was my third time in the last six months. I gave away some of the clothes the first time but kept the ones I thought I might still use. 

The second time around, I gave more away but kept the ones I had some emotional ties to. For example, the nightgown I wore after giving birth to our youngest son. He’s 18 years old now and you’d think that I would have parted with it by now, given that I haven’t worn it in years! Yesterday, I finally gave it away along with other items I’ll never wear again. I filled two huge bags to donate for a good cause. Some of the clothes still had tags on them; I had kept them just in case I needed them. I cannot tell you how therapeutic it was to get rid of these things that took valuable space in my room. I was finally able to arrange the clothes that I regularly wear.

Indulging in excess

Whether overeating or over-shopping, indulging in excess of what we need never has a happy ending. It might feel good when we indulge ourselves as we get a high from buying that latest item that we think we absolutely need or eating that inviting slice of cake, but the excitement is always temporary and never lasts. We only end up with disappointment and regret, whether it’s from overstuffed closets or overstuffed tummies.

Junk in the trunk (which I still have to clear) is similar to junk in my pantry, which means needing bigger trunks to fit my bloated body!

Feeling overwhelmed? 

One of the successful strategies that work well for me is to tackle both issues in small portions. Meaning you don’t have to take the whole day off to tidy up your messy closet. It can be done in half-hour slots regularly as you clear one section at a time. The same is true with our food intake when we focus on having smaller portions instead of overhauling our eating habits all at once. I’m sure you know what I mean when it feels so overwhelming to stand there and see all the work that needs to be done. The anxiety this invokes in us is enough to stop us from ever starting! 

You may know the famous quote by the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” This wisdom applies to every area in our lives, including the actual steps we take when we’re dreading to begin anything beneficial, such as starting a new workout regimen. The connection between our body, mind and soul is intricate. The more we train ourselves to become aware of this connection, the more motivated we become in making better choices in these areas.

Taking action and responsibility for our health and wellbeing is empowering. It is a blessing and a God-given gift to be better stewards of the bodies He gave us. Here’s to a healthier September to remember! 

Reprinted with permission from Family Flavours magazine

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