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Umniah offers Kaspersky tools to assist parents

May 29,2022 - Last updated at May 29,2022

Umniah is now providing the Jordanian market with advanced parental control tools from Kaspersky, a leading global provider of information security technologies and services.

This award-winning service offers parents flexible tools to manage screen time and use of apps, receive reports on a child’s public Facebook activities, including their posts and newly added friends and offers access to expert advice and tips from child psychologists on online topics.

The service also provides Safe Search on YouTube and allows parents to block their children’s access to adult sites and content, limit app use by time and create a list of apps that children need permission to open.

Also through the service, parents can access a GPS tracker that pinpoints the location of their children on a real-time online map, as well as define a safe area for the child to stay in and receive alerts instantly if they move beyond it. Screen limits can also be set for each child and each deviceseparately, with controls for when devices are used during certain time slots, such as when child should be doing their homework. 

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