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Stephen S. Roach
By Stephen S. Roach - Apr 25,2023
NEW HAVEN — Five years into a once-unthinkable trade war with China, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen chose her words carefully on April 20.
By Stephen S. Roach - Apr 02,2023
BEIJING — No two crises are alike. That is true of recent financial upheavals, the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s, the dot-com crisis of 2000, and the global financial crisis of 2008-2009.
By Stephen S. Roach - Sep 28,2022
NEW HAVEN  —  It is tempting to give America’s Federal Reserve (Fed) great credit for its recent about-face in tackling inflation. It is equally tempting to give Chinese President Xi Jinping great credit for his stewardship of a rising and strong China.
By Stephen S. Roach - Sep 07,2022
NEW HAVEN  —  The widely acclaimed globalisation of the post-Cold War era is now running in reverse.
By Stephen S. Roach - Sep 06,2022
NEW HAVEN  —  Since the days of Deng Xiaoping, economic growth has mattered more than anything for China’s leaders.
By Stephen S. Roach - Aug 16,2022
NEW HAVEN  —  Poor Jerome Powell. With US inflation close to a 40-year high, the Federal Reserve (Fed) chair knows what he needs to do. He has professed great admiration for Paul Volcker, his 1980s-era predecessor, as a role model.
By Stephen S. Roach - Jun 28,2022
NEW HAVEN  —  I should have listened to Alan Greenspan, at least when it comes to currency forecasting.
By Stephen S. Roach - Apr 27,2022
NEW HAVEN  —  The predictable downward revision cycle for the global economic outlook has officially begun.
By Stephen S. Roach - Mar 14,2022
NEW HAVEN  —  My recent commentary, “Only China Can Stop Russia,” stirred up strong arguments on both sides of the increasingly contentious debate over the horrific war in Ukraine.
By Stephen S. Roach - Jan 29,2022
NEW HAVEN  —  The US Federal Reserve has turned on a dime, an uncharacteristic about-face for an institution long noted for slow and deliberate shifts in monetary policy.



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