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By Project Syndicate - Jun 29,2015
In his drive to kick start the Japanese economy, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, shortly after taking office in 2012, introduced a large fiscal stimulus and put in place a bold programme of monetary easing.Since then, Japanese policy makers have been working to launch what Abe calls t
By Project Syndicate - Jun 29,2015
 After a late flurry of additions to the founding membership of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), attention now turns to setting the China-led AIIB’s rules and regulations.But important questions remain — most important, whether the AIIB is a potential rival o
By Project Syndicate - Jun 18,2015
Greece needs an agreement now with its creditors (the so-called troika comprising the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank).
By Project Syndicate - Jun 16,2015
Governments sometimes need to restructure their debts.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 16,2015
 Once again, California’s Silicon Valley is confirming its status as a mecca of high-tech entrepreneurship and wealth creation.But it is not a model for job creation and inclusive growth that policy makers and entrepreneurs elsewhere can emulate — at least not without making
By Project Syndicate - Jun 11,2015
The future of humanity will depend on mastering a balancing act. The challenge will be to provide for the needs of more than 10 billion people while safeguarding our planetary life-support systems.Recent scientific insights have made us better equipped than ever to strike th
By Project Syndicate - Jun 09,2015
In December, world leaders will meet in Paris for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which is expected to produce a new agreement to tackle global warming.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 06,2015
When Memory Banda’s younger sister was forced to marry at just 11 years old, Memory became determined to ensure that no more girls had to experience her sister’s fate.Since then, this remarkable young woman from rural Malawi has helped to persuade her government to raise the mini
By Project Syndicate - May 30,2015
For women, the act of bringing life into this world has historically meant risking their own lives, with the real prospect of death during childbirth.But, though great strides are being made in reducing maternal deaths in poor countries, those gains could be undone by a growing t
By Project Syndicate - May 30,2015
 The arrest of FIFA executives on a raft of fraud and corruption charges has been front-page news in recent days.But the charges brought by the Swiss and American authorities focus on bribery and embezzlement, and do not address another egregious injustice: the treatment of



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