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By Project Syndicate - Jul 28,2021
By Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe and Wayne C. KoffNEW YORK — After the late Arthur Ashe contracted HIV/AIDS, he commented that the heaviest burden he had to bear was not the disease but being born black in America.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 28,2021
By Benedict Macon-Cooney and Sam DumitriuLONDON — The challenge that China’s rise poses for liberal democracies puts a premium on pushing the frontiers of science and technology.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 26,2021
By Mariana Mazzucato and Georgia GouldLONDON — “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody,” the American urbanist Jane Jacobs once observed, “only because, and only when, they are created by everybody”.Today, we need to apply that snippet of wisdom to post-C
By Project Syndicate - Jul 24,2021
By Joseph E. Stiglitz and Geoffrey HealNEW YORK — Adam Smith, the founder of modern economics, argued that the pursuit of private interests, profits, will invariably promote the common good. That may be true in some situations, but obviously not always.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 14,2021
By Michael R.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 12,2021
By Dani Rodrik and Stefanie Stantcheva CAMBRIDGE — The advanced economies will bounce back more quickly from the COVID-19 pandemic than low-income countries.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 12,2021
By José Antonio Ocampo and Tommaso FaccioNEW YORK/NOTTINGHAM — The July 1 agreement by 131 countries to establish a global minimum tax rate of at least 15 per cent for multinational corporations (MNCs) and reallocate taxing rights is a step forward.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 11,2021
By Jeffrey D. Sachs and Juliana BartelsSIRACUSA — When G-20 finance ministers meet in Venice on July 9-10, they should adopt a plan to immunise the world against COVID-19.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 08,2021
By Ed Araral and Vinod ThomasSINGAPORE – Taxing the carbon content of imports, as the European Union plans to do and US President Joe Biden’s administration isconsidering, can help to dent the rising trend in global greenhouse-gas emissions.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 07,2021
By Sarah Hawkes and Kent BuseLONDON — “Is my lipstick protecting me against COVID-19?” ranks as one of the more intriguing e-mail queries we have received from a member of the public since we began coordinating the world’s largest tracker of sex-disaggregated data on the pandemic



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