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By Project Syndicate - Mar 28,2020
By Andrew Sheng, Xiao GengHONG KONG – The world is at war. The enemy is resilient, ruthless and unpredictable, with no regard for race, nationality, ideology or wealth.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 28,2020
By Susan Papp, Marcy Hersh NEW YORK – When pandemics strike, world leaders and health responders must adapt quickly to the looming threat.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 12,2020
By Jules Kortenhorst, Whitney HeastieNASSAU — The Caribbean and its surroundings are on the front lines of climate change.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 10,2020
By Gregory A. Maniatis, Monette Zard NEW YORK — As the new coronavirus, COVID-19, nears pandemic status, a second scourge has followed in its path: A virulent racism that scapegoats refugees, asylum seekers and foreigners more generally as the cause of the outbreak.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 10,2020
By Kemal Dervi and Sebastián StraussWASHINGTON, DC — Throughout history, crisis and human progress have often gone hand in hand.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 05,2020
By Joseph S. Nye, Jr.CAMBRIDGE — Many Americans say they want a moral foreign policy, but disagree on what that means.
By Project Syndicate - Feb 25,2020
By Laura Tyson, Lenny MendoncaBERKELEY — Despite multiplying policy challenges, the United States is crippled by political polarisation and consumed with rancorous partisan arguments (often on Twitter and without facts).
By Project Syndicate - Feb 16,2020
By Johan Rockström, Lars Heikensten  and Marcia McNuttPOTSDAM — The last decade was the hottest on record, according to independent data analyses from NASA and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
By Project Syndicate - Feb 10,2020
By Josiah OsgoodWASHINGTON, DC — The outcome of the US Senate’s trial of Donald Trump, following his impeachment by the House of Representatives, was a foregone conclusion. But it nonetheless laid bare the president’s win-at-all-costs approach to governing.
By Project Syndicate - Feb 09,2020
By Stefaan G. Verhulst and Mona SloaneNEW YORK — Every new technology rides a wave from hype to dismay. But even by the usual standards, artificial intelligence (AI) has had a turbulent run. Is AI a society-renewing hero or a jobs-destroying villain?



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