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Michael Spence
By Michael Spence - Jul 02,2022
MILAN — Central banks’ efforts to contain high and rising inflation are fuelling growth headwinds and threatening to tip the global economy into recession.
By Michael Spence - Jun 09,2022
NEW YORK  —  Recent conversations about the global economy and markets have been defined by a set of recurring questions.
By Michael Spence - May 07,2022
MILAN — It is now widely accepted that the economic and technological relationship between the United States and China will be characterised by some combination of strategic cooperation and strategic competition.
By Michael Spence - Apr 11,2022
MILAN — Fast-growing companies and startups were once the preserve of Silicon Valley and Seattle. No longer. Today, the United States boasts several innovation hotspots, including Austin, Miami, New York City and Washington, DC.
By Michael Spence - Mar 01,2022
MILAN  —  Building resilience has become something of a mantra in recent years, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. But action to boost economic security and advance diversification has been slow.
By Michael Spence - Jan 16,2022
MILAN  —  Looking at the economic landscape as 2021 drew to a close, one cannot help but notice the emergence of new obstacles to a robust recovery.
By Michael Spence - Jan 15,2022
MILAN  —  In 1979, W. Arthur Lewis received the Nobel Prize in economics for his analysis of growth dynamics in developing countries.
By Michael Spence - Nov 29,2021
MILAN — Over the past five years, India has experienced an unusually rapid expansion of digital connectivity and access to services.
By Michael Spence - Nov 08,2021
MILAN — Supply-chain disruptions are severely hampering the global economic recovery. It is a strange situation in many ways.
By Michael Spence - Oct 02,2021
MILAN — On September 18, I had the privilege of participating in the National Meeting of the Cavalieri del Lavoro, Italy’s federation of business elites, where 25 entrepreneurs are recognised each year for their leadership, innovation, and contributions to society.



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