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Michael Spence
By Michael Spence - May 07,2023
MILAN — Industrial policy has always been a controversial dimension of growth and development strategies in emerging economies.
By Michael Spence - Apr 04,2023
 MILAN — Over the last year, the trajectory of Sino-American relations has become indisputable: the United States and China are headed towards a substantial, though not complete, decoupling.
By Michael Spence - Feb 26,2023
MILAN — Trade and technology development policies almost always have distributional consequences. There may be a few exceptions for which the implementation of a policy produces either gains or no loss for nearly everyone, what economists would call a Pareto improvement.
By Michael Spence - Dec 24,2022
MILAN — Net-zero commitments are all the rage. Countries, companies, and others worldwide have committed to eliminating their net greenhouse-gas emissions by a particular date — for some, as early as 2030.
By Michael Spence - Nov 28,2022
HONG KONG  —  November was an extraordinary month.
By Michael Spence - Oct 20,2022
MILAN  —  The post-pandemic economy’s high inflationary pressures are being powered in part by secular trends and forces, many of which are operating on the supply side.
By Michael Spence - Sep 12,2022
MILAN  —  Environmental, social and governance considerations are playing an increasingly prominent role in business.
By Michael Spence - Aug 13,2022
FORT LAUDERDALE  —  From last November’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which promises upgraded American roads, bridges, and broadband, to the recently enacted CHIPS and Science Act, which will allocate more than $52 billion to boosting the American semiconductor in
By Michael Spence - Jul 02,2022
MILAN — Central banks’ efforts to contain high and rising inflation are fuelling growth headwinds and threatening to tip the global economy into recession.
By Michael Spence - Jun 09,2022
NEW YORK  —  Recent conversations about the global economy and markets have been defined by a set of recurring questions.



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