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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Mar 09,2022
More than two million refugees have fled Ukraine since Russia invaded that country. The majority have been women and children since men between 18-60 are not allowed to leave and are conscripted into the armed forces.
By Michael Jansen - Mar 02,2022
Russia's invasion of Ukraine is undoubtedly the most serious conflict faced by Europe in the post-World War II world and the US and European reaction is, understandably, Eurocentric.
By Michael Jansen - Feb 23,2022
Talks in Vienna are closer than ever to agreement on reviving the 2015 agreement for limiting Iran's nuclear programme in exchange for lifting sanctions imposed after the US aborted the deal three years later.
By Michael Jansen - Feb 16,2022
Sanctions are a far more devastating weapon of mass destruction than chemical, biological and, even, nuclear weapons.
By Michael Jansen - Feb 09,2022
The February 1st Amnesty International report on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians broke a new ground.
By Michael Jansen - Feb 03,2022
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged the Western powers and Nato to refrain from rhetoric and actions during the Russian troop build-up on his country's borders.
By Michael Jansen - Jan 26,2022
Yair Golan is not the first retired Israeli general to become a peacenik, nor will he be the last.
By Michael Jansen - Jan 19,2022
Australia's deportation of unvaccinated tennis star Novak Djokovic has put on notice all sportsmen and women and countries hosting competitions that COVID containment should be given priority over events awarding trophies and medals.
By Michael Jansen - Jan 12,2022
The deaths over a month’s time of two global figures struggling against apartheid diminishes us all.
By Michael Jansen - Jan 05,2022
Over the holidays I began a book I read many years ago. The book is "Dust in the Lion's Paw," by Freya Stark, a British-Italian fluent Arabic speaker who served as propaganda and intelligence officer in Yemen, Egypt and Iraq during World War II.



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