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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Jan 12,2022
The deaths over a month’s time of two global figures struggling against apartheid diminishes us all.
By Michael Jansen - Jan 05,2022
Over the holidays I began a book I read many years ago. The book is "Dust in the Lion's Paw," by Freya Stark, a British-Italian fluent Arabic speaker who served as propaganda and intelligence officer in Yemen, Egypt and Iraq during World War II.
By Michael Jansen - Dec 29,2021
The decision of the Israeli government to invest more than $300 million with the aim of doubling the Jewish colony population in the Golan Heights puts another nail in the coffin of Arab-Israeli peace.
By Michael Jansen - Dec 22,2021
Israeli politicians in and out of power continue to promote the fictitious Iranian nuclear threat as a means to secure advantage over rivals.
By Michael Jansen - Dec 15,2021
It will be a disaster for this region if the Vienna talks fail to rescue the 2015 agreement curbing Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for lifting crushing sanctions imposed after the US aborted the accord in 2018.Having previously opposed the deal, Gulf countries now support i
By Michael Jansen - Dec 08,2021
The poorest country in this region, Yemen has a unique architectural legacy which is being damaged and destroyed by warfare or left to fall into ruin by neglect.
By Michael Jansen - Dec 01,2021
Sanctions kill. The most notorious example of killer sanctions was imposed by the US and its Western allies on Iraq after it invaded Kuwait in August 1990.
By Michael Jansen - Nov 24,2021
In an interview with The Washington Post, Israel's Breaking the Silence, an ex-soldiers rights organisation, has highlighted Israel's comprehensive surveillance of Palestinians living under occupation.
By Michael Jansen - Nov 17,2021
B'Tselem, the Israeli human rights group, which dared to brand as "apartheid" Israel's regime for governing occupied Palestinians, has now exposed Israel's use of settler aggression to grab Palestinian land.
By Michael Jansen - Nov 10,2021
The Rogue Valley in the US state of Oregon once boasted a moderate climate, excellent for growing grapes and pears, a permanent theatrical company performing plays by Shakespeare and other dramatists, and fine facilities for tourism. Climate change is transforming the valley.



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