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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Jun 29,2022
Last week, the US Supreme Court took three decisions which finished off the court as a credible arbiter of national policy and a brake on executive and legislative power-grabbing.On Tuesday, the Court ruled that the state of Maine violated the US Constitution when it banned state
By Michael Jansen - Jun 22,2022
Fifteen years of siege, blockade and repeated military operations has created a perpetual state of fear, worry, sadness and grief among Gaza's children. This is the assessment of Save The Children International.
By Michael Jansen - Jun 15,2022
Between September 14 and 16 40 years ago, fighters from the Phalange, Lebanese Forces militia and Saad Haddad's Israeli-surrogate South Lebanon Army carried out the massacre of hundreds of Palestinian civilians living in the Sabra and Shatila neighbourhoods of southern Beirut.
By Michael Jansen - Jun 08,2022
US citizens will not come to grips with the growing epidemic of mass shootings, almost all by young men wielding assault rifles.
By Michael Jansen - Jun 01,2022
The Biden administration is being blackmailed by the present Israeli government and pro-Israel US legislators and lobbyists who oppose US reentry into the 2015 agreement limiting Iran's nuclear programme in exchange for lifting sanctions.
By Michael Jansen - May 25,2022
Lebanon's May 15 parliamentary election succeeded on the organisational level but did not usher in personnel changes which could rescue the country from political, economic and social crises which have nearly destroyed the middle class and driven 80 per cent of the population int
By Michael Jansen - May 19,2022
For Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Ukraine war is, in the immediate-to-short-term, a strategic defeat on the military, economic and political fronts.First and foremost, the Russian units sent into Ukraine were too few to mount a successful offensive, as the military high c
By Michael Jansen - May 11,2022
NATO's proxy war on Ukraine has captivated Western leaders and media and created a fresh division largely but not completely between the First World and the Third World.
By Michael Jansen - Apr 27,2022
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is not the only person to describe the conflict in Ukraine as a proxy war mounted by the US-NATO on Russia. He has been scooped by several commentators.
By Michael Jansen - Apr 20,2022
The Biden administration has reverted to a policy toward Russia originally designed in 1947 by the US State Department's George Kennan to "contain" the defunct Soviet Union.



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