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Michael J. Boskin
By Michael J. Boskin - Jun 15,2015
In the 25 years before the Great Recession of 2008-2009, the United States experienced two brief, mild recessions and two strong, long expansions.Globally, incomes grew briskly, inflation abated and stock markets boomed.
By Michael J. Boskin - Mar 24,2015
Though the Greek crisis has been placed on pause, the economic situation in Europe remains bleak. Eurozone growth is up slightly from its near-recession levels of a few months ago, but projections by the International Monetary Fund for 2015 and 2016 barely exceed 1 per cent. Un
By Michael J. Boskin - Dec 09,2014
Economic news is grim all around the world.
By Michael J. Boskin - Aug 06,2014
Many Europeans have come to believe that they have weathered the economic and financial storm. In the last two years, deficits and debt have stabilised. Yields on the sovereign debt of the eurozone periphery’s weak economies have fallen sharply.
By Michael J. Boskin - May 21,2014
Like many others, I first met the Nobel laureate economist Gary Becker, who died earlier this month, by reading his seminal works “Human Capital” and “The Economics of Discrimination”. Several dozen outstanding economists have won the Nobel Prize in Econo



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