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Michael J. Boskin
By Michael J. Boskin - Nov 03,2022
STANFORD  —  President Joe Biden’s administration is not serving US economic, energy, or national security when it issues unrealistic statements and assessments of what each requires.
By Michael J. Boskin - Sep 06,2022
STANFORD  —  US President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) contains a variety of provisions focused on subsidising renewable energy and health insurance, and taxing corporations and the wealthy.
By Michael J. Boskin - Jun 22,2022
STANFORD  —  Thirty years ago, Democratic political strategist James Carville focused Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign with the mantra, “It’s the economy, stupid”.
By Michael J. Boskin - Feb 21,2022
STANFORD  —  Opinion polls show that Americans are gloomy about the current state of the economy, which 68 per cent rate negatively.
By Michael J. Boskin - Dec 26,2021
STANFORD — Gone are the days when political leaders saw credibility as their most precious asset.
By Michael J. Boskin - Oct 31,2021
STANFORD — US President Joe Biden insists that his $3.5 trillion ($5 trillion without the budget gimmicks) “human infrastructure” bill “costs zero dollars”, nothing, nil, nada.
By Michael J. Boskin - Sep 01,2021
STANFORD — A political leader’s performance and legacy are usually defined more by how he handles his inbox than by whether he delivers on hyperbolic campaign promises or visions of the promised land.
By Michael J. Boskin - Feb 21,2021
STANFORD  —  George Shultz, who died this month at age 100, is best known for being US president Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state.
By Michael J. Boskin - Dec 19,2020
STANFORD — US President-elect Joe Biden’s economic-policy agenda differs markedly from that of President Donald Trump.
By Michael J. Boskin - Oct 24,2020
STANFORD — Inequality has been seizing ever more of the public’s attention in recent years, reflected everywhere from papal encyclicals and economic tomes by French socialists to technical academic debates and the demotic language of politicians and pundits.



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