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Kaushik Basu
By Kaushik Basu - Mar 21,2018
NEW YORK — The World Bank’s annual Doing Business (DB) report is probably its most-cited publication.
By Kaushik Basu - Oct 01,2017
Not long ago, India was a poster child for political stability and economic growth among emerging economies.
By Kaushik Basu - Jun 13,2017
Fox Business has gleefully reported that former US president Barack Obama will accept $400,000 from the Wall Street investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald to speak at a health-care conference this September.Those most disappointed by this news include people who I hold in high regard.
By Kaushik Basu - May 16,2017
Global inequality today is at a level last seen in the late nineteenth century — and it is continuing to rise.With it has come a surging sense of disenfranchisement that has fuelled alienation and anger, and even bred nationalism and xenophobia.As people struggle to hold on to th
By Kaushik Basu - Mar 23,2017
US President Donald Trump is about to make a policy mistake.
By Kaushik Basu - Jan 27,2016
For a long time, the assumption underlying much of mainstream economics was that the invisible hand worked its magic seamlessly.Prices moved smoothly up as demand outpaced supply and rushed back down when the tables were turned, keeping markets in equilibrium.To be sure, many obs



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