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Kaushik Basu
By Kaushik Basu - Mar 20,2024
NEW YORK — The way people navigate traffic can tell us a lot about their respective cultures.
By Kaushik Basu - Feb 29,2024
ITHACA, NEW YORK — In 1930, John Maynard Keynes published his short essay “Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren”, in which he outlined his vision of a future global economy characterised by leisure and abundance.
By Kaushik Basu - Dec 28,2023
NEW YORK — The International Economic Association (IEA) recently concluded its 20th World Congress in Medellín, Colombia. This triennial event brings together scholars from all over the world to share and discuss the latest developments in economic thinking.
By Kaushik Basu - Jul 23,2023
ITHACA, NEW YORK — Technology is changing the world faster than policymakers can devise new ways to cope with it.
By Kaushik Basu - Jun 13,2023
SINGAPORE — For economists, anthropologists, sociologists and political scientists, Singapore represents a veritable laboratory of conundrums waiting to be analysed.In the pre-colonial era, this island of marsh and swamps served as a trading settlement, thanks to its relative pro
By Kaushik Basu - May 04,2023
 NEW YORK — The Spring Meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund usually provide a platform for various organisations, policymakers, and commentators to reflect on the state of the global economy, offer assessments of the previous year’s developments, and fo
By Kaushik Basu - Apr 05,2023
ITHACA — The state of global politics has economists, political scientists and political philosophers floundering. We are witnessing a level of polarisation rarely seen.
By Kaushik Basu - Jan 08,2023
MUMBAI — In December, India began its yearlong  G-20 presidency, taking over from Indonesia amid rising geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainty. Surging inflation has raised the specter of a global recession.
By Kaushik Basu - Nov 09,2022
WASHINGTON, DC  —  Rising inflation has put the United States on edge. While much of the focus so far has rightly been on the pain that price increases inflict on ordinary Americans, many are concerned about the long-term political effects.
By Kaushik Basu - Jul 23,2022
HAMBURG  —  As Sri Lanka’s economy unravels before our eyes, one must ask how this could happen in a country that is historically known for its high standard of living and stable economy.



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