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Jeffrey D. Sachs
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Aug 01,2016
In 2015, around 5.9 million children under the age of five, almost all in developing countries, died from easily preventable or treatable causes.And up to 200 million young children and adolescents do not attend primary or secondary school, owing to poverty, including 110 million
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Apr 30,2016
The diplomats have done their job, concluding the Paris climate agreement in December. And political leaders gathered last week at the United Nations to sign the new accord.But implementation is surely the tough part.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Mar 02,2016
Syria is currently the world’s greatest humanitarian catastrophe and most dangerous geopolitical hot spot.The Syrian people are caught in a bloodbath, with more than 400,000 dead and 10 million displaced.Violent jihadist groups backed by outside patrons mercilessly ravage the cou
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Mar 02,2016
The world economy is experiencing a turbulent start to 2016.Stock markets are plummeting; emerging economies are reeling in response to the sharp decline in commodity prices; refugee inflows are further destabilising Europe; China’s growth has slowed markedly in response to a cap
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Dec 20,2015
The United States, the European Union and Western-led institutions such as the World Bank repeatedly ask why the Middle East cannot govern itself.The question is asked honestly, but without much self-awareness.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Nov 23,2015
Terrorist attacks on civilians, whether the downing over Sinai of a Russian aircraft killing 224 civilian passengers, the horrific Paris massacre claiming 130 innocent lives, or the tragic bombing in Ankara that killed 102 peace activists, are crimes against humanity.Their perpet
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Oct 25,2015
In May 1961, president John F.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Sep 27,2015
The ongoing bloodletting in Syria is not only the world’s greatest humanitarian disaster by far, but also one of its gravest geopolitical risks.And the United States’ current approach — a two-front war against Daesh and President Bashar Assad’s regime — has failed miserably.The s
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Aug 26,2015
The United Nations will mark its 70th anniversary when world leaders assemble next month at its headquarters in New York.Though there will be plenty of fanfare, it will inadequately reflect the UN’s value, not only as the most important political innovation of the 20th century, b
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Jul 07,2015
Sovereign debt crises such as the one in Greece can be resolved only through bold steps by both debtor and creditor.The debtor needs a fresh start through a debt write-off; the creditor must find a way to provide one without rewarding bad behaviour.For a deal to be struck, both s



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