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Jeffrey D. Sachs
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Oct 07,2023
We are entering the end stage of the 30-year US neocon debacle in Ukraine. The neocon plan to surround Russia in the Black Sea region by NATO has failed.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Aug 26,2023
 China’s economy is slowing down. Current forecasts put China’s GDP growth in 2023 at less than 5 per cent, below the forecasts made last year and far below the high growth rates that China enjoyed until the late 2010s.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - May 24,2023
In the year 2000, the US government debt was $3.5 trillion, equal to 35 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). By 2022, the debt was $24 trillion, equal to 95 per cent of GDP. The US debt is soaring, hence America’s current debt crisis.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - May 20,2023
There is no fairy-tale end to the war in Ukraine, in which Ukraine defeats Russia on the battlefield and then joins NATO.  The war can end with a safe and secure Ukraine, indeed with Ukraine a member of the European Union.  But it cannot end with Ukraine in NATO. 
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Apr 15,2023
US foreign policy is based on an inherent contradiction and fatal flaw.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Mar 18,2023
The banking crisis that hit Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) last week has spread. We recall with a shudder two recent financial contagions: the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, which led to a deep Asian recession, and the 2008 Great Recession, which led to a global downturn.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Feb 28,2023
We are not at the one-year anniversary of the war, as the Western governments and media claim. This is the 9-year anniversary of the war.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Feb 14,2023
The greatest enemy of economic development is war. If the world slips further into global conflict, our economic hopes and our very survival could go up in flames.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - Feb 04,2023
I inaugurate this new series of columns in a New Year and a new beginning for Brazil with the inauguration of President Lula da Silva.
By Jeffrey D. Sachs - May 11,2022
NEW YORK  —  Wars often erupt and persist because of the two sides’ miscalculations regarding their relative power. In the case of Ukraine, Russia blundered badly by underestimating the resolve of Ukrainians to fight and the effectiveness of NATO-supplied weaponry.



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