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Jawad S. Haddadin
By Jawad S. Haddadin - Oct 27,2023
Major riots in major cities took place worldwide expressing solidarity with the Palestinian cause. No wonder why this ongoing conflict for more than 75 years speaks directly to the hearts of people worldwide whose conscience is clear and who value justice and equality.
By Jawad S. Haddadin - Mar 30,2020
This is an invaluable time to cultivate lessons learned. If there is one thing that we could all agree on is the fact that we are all interdependent and interconnected, we rise together and fall together.
By Jawad S. Haddadin - Jan 07,2019
Social media platforms have provided Jordanians with an unprecedented forum to engage in dialogue, share personal stories, experiences, opinions and concerns on matters that are dear to them.
By Jawad S. Haddadin - Jul 05,2018
As expected, young Jordanians played a major role in driving the recent Fourth Circle protests. It is of paramount importance that we pick up the message of the youth today.
By Jawad S. Haddadin - Jan 28,2018
A few days ago, hundreds of people attended the initiation ceremony of the new democratic movement and party-to-be, the Civil Alliance.
By Jawad S. Haddadin - Nov 04,2017
Slogans such as “everyone is a partner in development” were highly upheld prior to governorate and municipal elections, in August 2017.
By Jawad S. Haddadin - Oct 03,2017
To give effect to the vision of the decentralisation and municipal law of 2015, governorate and municipal councils need to have the principles of inclusivity and equity for all at the heart of their work.However, challenges lay ahead for municipal councils that engage with people
By Jawad S. Haddadin - Aug 28,2017
If the government intends to transfer sustainable development responsibilities to citizens, it needs to foster community dialogue and involve citizens in the decision-making process.To foster dialogue, it is important to see how members of local communities collaborate and how mu
By Jawad S. Haddadin - Aug 08,2017
Engagement, support, inclusivity, participation, delegation of tasks, facilitation, empowerment, collective wisdom, consensus decision making are some of the key words that come to mind with regards to the newly enacted Decentralisation Law in Jordan.Decentralisation is not restr


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