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‘Civil Alliance’ amplifies youth voice

Jan 28,2018 - Last updated at Jan 28,2018

A few days ago, hundreds of people attended the initiation ceremony of the new democratic movement and party-to-be, the Civil Alliance. The youth have never witnessed an open invitation to the public on social media platforms by a local party before where people are openly encouraged to join the ambitious national reform project.

I believe that the event was a great success, it was not a typical event where people would attended to be lectured and to listen to long, poetic and wordy speeches. Rather, it was lively and interactive. In other words it spoke the youth language and ambition.Their message was straight to the point, full of hope and energy and most importantly, it was delivered by the youth.

Interestingly, the event was live streamed on Facebook. I have watched the entire event online. It was led by the youth, most of whom seemed to be somewhere between their mid-20’s and 30’s. I believe, and as many others do, that this distinguishes the “Civil Alliance” in contrast to other parties whom are, to say the least, inactive and unknown to Jordanians, particularly the youth.

The youth need to feel respected and invited to get engaged in the change they wish to witness and live. This is exactly what the “Civil Alliance” has championed by taking the lead in correlating itself with serving the ambition of the youth to participate in political life. In my opinion, and as many others have observed, this is unprecedented in Jordan’s history.

Large crowds attended from different governorates, backgrounds and age groups and were given the chance to present their opinions and ask questions. Just by listening to the question and answer session, one can observe the range of questions raised by different participants. The questions conveyed a vital message that the public, particularly the youth, are looking for answers on what it means to be part of a political party, which indicates a lack of awareness.

Moreover and interestingly, one of the participants responded to another’s questions to the panel on what programmes does the party offer with regards to health and education.

The participant gave a brilliant answer when he said that the party is not meant to give answers in absolute terms to all societal challenges, but rather, the big picture, and that the truth lies in the hands of all those willing to be engaged under the umbrella of the “Civil Alliance”. Therefore the question is, what do we have to offer as citizens who believe in achieving a deeper Jordanian democracy?

Indeed, it should be the other way around, namely a bottom-up approach. I personally see this evolving party as a think-tank for active citizens who are willing to get engaged in Jordan’s democratic marathon. Consequently, this gives effect to the decentralisation vision and serves Jordan’s development aspirations, where grassroots need to be at the heart of initiating efforts towards achieving a comprehensive development in Jordan. 

I believe the youth will take a major role in affirming and developing the values, vision and mission of this party, which will always seek to predominantly involve the youth in shaping Jordan’s public policy in the near future. I would like to describe this evolving party as more than a mere political party, but rather as a youth movement, under which the youngsters will dare to think and challenge the status quo. This movement has already gained traction and the youth is thirsty for more. The “Civil Alliance” is indeed on the right track. 




The writer, [email protected], is founder of the International Association of Facilitators Jordan Chapter,, an initiative to promote a culture of participation towards driving positive change in organisations and communities in Jordan. He contributed this article to The Jordan Times.

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