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Fahed Fanek
By Fahed Fanek - Sep 18,2017
The general objective of the economic reform programme agreed upon with the IMF is to get Jordan’s economy beyond the dark tunnel that it finds itself in.
By Fahed Fanek - Sep 10,2017
There is a wrong impression that the reform programme supervised by the IMF aims at reducing public debt.In fact, the programme allows debt to rise as borrowing will exceed repayments during each one of the coming five years.
By Fahed Fanek - Aug 27,2017
According to the economic reform programme supervised by the IMF, the government is committed to raise the proceeds from taxes as one way of reducing budget deficit.The government also undertook to do that without imposing new taxes or raising the existing taxes.
By Fahed Fanek - Aug 20,2017
We do not have to wait until the end of 2017, plus several months of the following year, for facts and figures to know whether Hani Mulki’s government succeeded in the implementation of the economic reform programme planned for 2017, or whether failure, big or small, occurred.The
By Fahed Fanek - Aug 13,2017
In today's world, the structure of the national economy seems to depend on the capabilities of the private sector than on the so-called dead hand of the government.This is the case in countries with free economies.
By Fahed Fanek - Aug 06,2017
When it comes to measuring the growth rate of the Jordanian economy, there is some misunderstanding.Growth is measured by comparing figures of the current year against the corresponding figures of the previous, as if the latter were ideal.In our case, unfortunately, the previous
By Fahed Fanek - Jul 23,2017
According to a recent report by the World Bank, Jordan’s economic growth rate in 2017 is estimated to be 2.3 per cent.In the first instance, I did not like this figure, especially when the budget address to Parliament adopted the IMF figure revealed last year, which was 3.3 per c
By Fahed Fanek - Jul 16,2017
Prime Minister Hani Mulki will very soon, perhaps next week, meet with the leaders of the industrial sector. The purpose is to look into the challenges and hurdles that are facing this vital sector and preventing its take-off as a leader of the economy.This is of course a we
By Fahed Fanek - Jul 02,2017
There is near consensus among Jordanian observers that economic performance in 2016 was bad.They point out that most economic and fiscal indicators of the year gave negative readings and hope that things will get better in 2017.Actual figures do not support this pessimistic view
By Fahed Fanek - Jun 19,2017
A recent report on the economies of Middle East countries, issued by the World Bank, stated that the economic growth rate in Jordan will be 2.3 per cent in 2017, 2.6 per cent in 2018 and 3 per cent in 2019.In other words, the economy will grow, but at a very slow pace.The Wo



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