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Fahed Fanek
By Fahed Fanek - Nov 26,2017
For several years, inflation rate in Jordan had dropped to a very low level. The reason is believed to be the economic recession, both local and worldwide.Prices now are on the rise.
By Fahed Fanek - Nov 19,2017
Trade balance is one of the most important economic indicators, it reveals one of the distortions in the Jordanian economy and compares imports to exports.In our case, this balance reflects a strange result that is by no means sustainable.Trade figures for the first nine months o
By Fahed Fanek - Nov 12,2017
As of 2011, economic growth rate in Jordan dropped to unprecedented low levels.
By Fahed Fanek - Nov 05,2017
His Majesty the King told the people once again that our internal and external security is not a problem, for, we are able to protect ourselves.The real challenge is of economic nature.High on the list of economic challenges that face Jordan is the weak budget and its deficit bef
By Fahed Fanek - Oct 29,2017
The Economic and Social Council, an official think tank, ended its silence and issued a report calling, among other things, for absorbing Syrian refugees and adopting them in Jordan’s regular economy.This policy coincides with what the European Union is demanding in return for th
By Fahed Fanek - Oct 22,2017
In one of his recent meetings with the public, in a southern town, to promote his government’s policies, Prime Minister Hani Mulki told the public that self-sufficiency is the country’s strategic objective.This is, of course, a simple goal, met with general acceptance.
By Fahed Fanek - Oct 15,2017
Pessimists among us believe that the economic situation in Jordan is bad and on its way to becoming worse.Optimists, on the other hand, see the economic situation as acceptable and on its way to become better.Neither group is able to present solid facts to prove its point of view
By Fahed Fanek - Oct 08,2017
At the invitation of the IMF staff, several Jordanian journalists met high-ranking IMF official Jihad Azour to get the picture as seen by the IMF mission.The journalists were disappointed because the IMF official did not say anything new.
By Fahed Fanek - Oct 01,2017
Prime Minister Hani Mulki says that the economic reform programme agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund is completely homemade.Jordan is not alone in trying to portray the programme as national.
By Fahed Fanek - Sep 24,2017
The Ministry of Finance is busy, preparing the draft of a new tax law to make up for the revealed weaknesses of the present law, and as part of the economic reform programme agreed upon with the IMF.Some ideas were leaked to the public to serve as a trial balloon.



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