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Fahed Fanek
By Fahed Fanek - Apr 13,2014
Twenty years ago, we were told that the middle class in Jordan had all but disappeared. Ten years later, the story was repeated; the middle class was claimed to have melted down and vanished. During the past 10 years, we were warned every year about the complete demise of the m
By Fahed Fanek - Apr 06,2014
As expected, the economic growth rate in 2013 was very low.
By Fahed Fanek - Mar 30,2014
There is no doubt that interest rates on the Jordanian dinar will go down rapidly, not only because the Central Bank brought down the scale of interest rates in its dealings with commercial banks, but also because the Ministry of Finance shifted its borrowing targets from local b
By Fahed Fanek - Mar 23,2014
Last week, the Department of Statistics, issued its monthly report on consumer prices for February.
By Fahed Fanek - Mar 16,2014
In all his trips, east and west, His Majesty King Abdullah addressed potential investors, telling them that Jordan is a gate to huge markets with at least one billion of consumers. The Jordanian gate should also be one for national exports, but so far, it was not fully utilised
By Fahed Fanek - Mar 09,2014
During 2013, Jordan’s volume of public debt rose to JD2.5 billion, a level of annual borrowing that was never recorded in the country’s modern history. At the same time, central budget deficit did not exceed the planned target of JD1.1 billion, financed by loans and
By Fahed Fanek - Mar 02,2014
During 2013, Jordanian expatriates’ remittances amounted to $3.6 billion, equal to 11 per cent of the gross domestic product. Transfers by guest workers in Jordan to their homelands are estimated to have reached $1.7 billion, equal to 5 per cent of Jordan’s GDP. Jor
By Fahed Fanek - Feb 23,2014
Despite the progress in every aspect of social and economic life in Jordan, we still have some activists claiming that the middle class is about to disappear. This claim is meant to give those who make it a desirable social and leftist touch. This claim is completely false.
By Fahed Fanek - Feb 16,2014
Problems and difficulties facing the Jordanian economic decision makers are plenty. Two of them come to the fore. They could not be ignored any longer.
By Fahed Fanek - Feb 09,2014
It is not normal, in an independent state, to have insufficient domestic revenue to cover more than 72 per cent of the budget, but this is the case in Jordan, where the availability of funds to finance the balance depends on the generosity of donor countries and the cooperation



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