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Carlos Lopes
By Carlos Lopes - May 04,2023
 JOHANNESBURG — As the European Union pursues vigorous efforts to achieve its targets under the Paris climate agreement, the bloc’s proposed carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) offers the tantalising promise of cleaner industry and reduced emissions within and beyond i
By Carlos Lopes - Jan 31,2023
CAPE TOWN — The ongoing volatility in oil and gas markets has come as a shock to many people across the developed world.
By Carlos Lopes - Apr 30,2022
CAPE TOWN  —  The pandemic wreaked havoc on African economies, hampering GDP growth and straining government budgets. The war in Ukraine now threatens to make things much worse, including by disrupting food supplies and compounding inflationary pressures.
By Carlos Lopes - Dec 13,2020
CAPE TOWN — This was supposed to be the year Europe and Africa redefined their relationship.
By Carlos Lopes - Feb 16,2020
CAPE TOWN — African heads of state and government are convening at the annual African Union (AU) summit, and issues related to the continent’s economic growth and development are front and center.
By Carlos Lopes - Aug 31,2019
CAPE TOWN — Earlier this year, Tropical Cyclone Idai tore through southern Africa, killing hundreds, injuring thousands and displacing even more. In Mozambique, as much as half of all annual crops and critical infrastructure were destroyed.
By Carlos Lopes - Oct 25,2018
CAPE TOWN — China’s use of trade and investment links to expand its influence in Africa is fuelling growing concern in some European capitals.


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