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Adli Kandah
By Adli Kandah - Jan 27,2024
There is a significant consensus among various entities that the economy of Jordan is in great need of major projects.If a large number of mega projects are implemented, they will play a crucial role in the economic development of Jordan, ushering the country into a major economi
By Adli Kandah - Jan 22,2024
 Under the theme “Rebuilding Confidence”, the fifty-fourth annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (Davos) took place over five days from January 15 to 19, 2024, in Davos, Switzerland.
By Adli Kandah - Jan 09,2024
The Global Peace Index (GPI) is a widely recognised comprehensive tool that assesses peace in nations and regions worldwide.
By Adli Kandah - Dec 31,2023
As we bid farewell to a challenging and exhausting year, the Jordanian economy is gearing up for a new year, carrying unique economic challenges and opportunities that demand strategic planning and adaptability.
By Adli Kandah - Dec 25,2023
The Consumer Confidence Index in any country is a regular national survey, often conducted quarterly, to measure consumers' opinions about the current and future state of the local economy.
By Adli Kandah - Dec 16,2023
The global economy stands at a crossroads in 2024, with flexibility and vulnerabilities evident. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy demonstrated adaptability to health and economic challenges.
By Adli Kandah - Dec 11,2023
Monetary policy, orchestrated by the central bank, leaves a deep financial imprint on the economic landscape.
By Adli Kandah - Dec 03,2023
No one disputes the importance of the national water carrier project in enhancing self-sufficiency in water resources and promoting self-reliance in the field of water resources.
By Adli Kandah - Nov 26,2023
The Cabinet approved, in its session held on Wednesday, November 22, the draft General Budget Law for the fiscal year 2024, as a preliminary step for its referral to the National Assembly within the timeframe specified by the constitution.
By Adli Kandah - Nov 18,2023
The global stage has witnessed significant developments and crucial transformations over the past twenty months linked to regional and international conflicts.



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