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Adli Kandah
By Adli Kandah - Jun 23,2022
After the US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised the Fed funds rate by seventy-five basis points, the upward trend of interest rates in global markets was confirmed, at a time when there is a discrepancy in the performance of economic indicators in various countries;  Some of them
By Adli Kandah - May 18,2022
The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) raised interest rates on all of its monetary tools in response to developments in the regional and international markets, and in line with the decision of the US Federal Reserve and the rest of the regional and global central banks that raised the
By Adli Kandah - Apr 23,2022
Many economists and analysts warn that the world may be on the verge of a "stagflationary" period, i.e. the continuation of high inflation rates, as a result of the rise in energy and food prices, with economic growth declining to almost stagnation.
By Adli Kandah - Apr 12,2022
The World Bank has been warning for several years of the risk of debt explosion in a large number of developing and emerging economies.  Economic indicators indicates that loans since 2010 have been growing at an annual rate of 7 per cent, a rate higher than the growth of gl
By Adli Kandah - Mar 19,2022
The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by twenty-five basis points, and by eight votes to one; who preferred that the interest rate should be increase d by fifty basis points, without any objection from any of the members on the issue of raising interest rates. If I were
By Adli Kandah - Mar 12,2022
I believe that central banks have been very late in issuing their official digital currencies CBDC and have given a huge opportunity for cryptocurrencies to nibble larger shares of digital transactions, whether in the form of payments or transfers, globally.
By Adli Kandah - Feb 28,2022
This Russian-Ukrainian crisis came at a time when the world was close to getting out of the consequences of the global Corona pandemic, which negatively affected the global economy as a result of major closures, stopping production operations and cutting supply chains.  The
By Adli Kandah - Apr 21,2021
Foreign investments in the Amman Stock Exchange(ASE) maintained their levels during the year 2020 and in the past months of the year 2021.
By Adli Kandah - Apr 14,2021
The latest statements published by Al Ghad newspaper on its pages, on Tuesday, April 6, indicated the growth of the assets of the Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF) at the end of the year 2020 to 11.2 billion.
By Adli Kandah - Mar 27,2021
The level of decline recorded by the inflation rate in Jordan deepened in 2020, measured by the relative change in the consumer price index, to reach 0.3 per cent, compared to an inflation rate of 0.8 per cent for the year 2019.



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