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Fear of failure

Jan 31,2019 - Last updated at Jan 31,2019

Sometimes, it can be difficult to live without realising that someone, or something, may not be able to succeed all the time without undergoing some kind of failure. Thus, a few of us live frightened for fear of being unable to live successfully, of failing at something that we have long determined not to do at any point in any way whatsoever. Psychologically speaking, developing a fear of failure suggests that we emasculate our own efforts to dismiss the feeling of possibly greater failures!

In one way or the other, many of us must have probably experienced a feeling of failure at one time or another, a feeling which can be restraining us from doing anything and, thus, be crippled to move ahead. And when we allow fear to stop our progress, we overlook countless opportunities along a path of success. However, there are diverse characterisations, levels and meanings of failure. A big failure for someone can easily be a great learning opportunity for another.

To be sure, the majority of us are afraid of failing, at least some of the time. For fear of failure develops when we allow that fear to impede us from carrying out the things that can diligently move us onward to accomplish our objectives assuredly. That feeling of failure can be related to many reasons that vary from psychological, social, cultural, personal, familial or financial.

One may suffer from an unwillingness to discover new things or be involved in new projects, or deferment or loss of self-assurance and self-reliance if he or she has fear of failure. But, it is entirely up to us to choose how to deal with it. It can be seen as the end of the world, or as evidence of how feeble and weak we are, or as an irreplaceable learning experience. Every time one fails at something, he/she may learn a bright lesson out of such a grim experience. 

It is always possible to encounter effective people who have undergone failure. Quite many of us fail in life. Despite the grimness of this fact, we need to think of the opportunities we shall miss if we let our failures hinder us. For failure in anything can, as well, educate us about things that we would have never learned had we not failed in the first place. As a matter of fact, failure can help us discover how robust we are. Failing at anything can help us discover new drives in ourselves to thrive.

Frequently, constructive perceptions often come after a major failure in life. Learning from such incidents is vital to prospering in life. As I say this, it is important to know there is always a possibility that we may fail. Facing that possibility is not only bold, but it also helps us enjoy a more worthwhile life.

In some cases, being afraid of failure can be a symptom of negative thinking, stress, illness and unhappiness. In fact, a few of us can sometimes be afraid of failure, but we should not let that feeling stop us from advancing ahead.

In a word, let us learn how to explore and evaluate conclusions wisely and practice thinking optimistically and progressively, and moving forward steadily, to conquer our fear/s of failure whatever it/they may be.

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