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New coalition to fight terrorism?

Jul 05,2015 - Last updated at Jul 05,2015

Many attempts were made to solve the Syrian crisis over the past four years. The failure of the so-called battle “The tempest of the south” posed new security, military and even political challenges to Jordan.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, the Jordanian role, analysts say, was “ambiguous”. However, all official statements refuted any negative Jordanian role in the Syrian crisis.

Moreover, Jordan has repeatedly stated that the only way to solve the Syrian crisis is political.

On the other hand, media and information sources highlighted the huge logistic and operational role Jordan has in the south of Syria, which made the Syrians often accuse all the American allies — including Jordan — of having a hand in the chaos in their country.

What is important is to discuss the current requirements, as the crisis is negatively affecting everybody.

Tactically, Jordan needs to find a real partner in Syria, not only to coordinate the anti-terror operations, but also to ensure its national security, protect its borders and plan for the return of the Syrian refugees to their country.

Due to the expanding crisis, Jordan needs to adopt new tactics, especially after the recent incidents when Jordanian houses were struck by rockets from Syria.

Over the last years, most of the suggestions aiming at finding real partners in Syria —moderate groups or Sunni tribes — failed.

Jordan is facing an increasing threat due to the possibility of having Daesh directly at its border.

After the Idlib battle (Al Shagour’s bridge), many believed that the Syrian regime was about to collapse, especially with the Turkish proposal of having a safe haven and a no-fly zone in the north of Syria, a plan that some believed could be also applied to the south of Syria.

However, the way things are going today prove again that the only way out of the Syrian crisis is political.

Under the circumstances, the call for an anti-terrorism alliance by Russian President Vladimir Putin presents a valuable option for all parties to make a radical change in their positions.

Moreover, establishing a new coalition to face the strong wave of terrorism and put an end to Daesh should make most of the protagonists involved in the current crisis change their political declared positions.

A new formula for a new anti-terror coalition might be the way out of the crisis in the region.


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