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A qualitative leap forward

Apr 17,2021 - Last updated at Apr 17,2021

Jordan has become a hundred years old, during which it has done a superb job at so many levels.

We Jordanians look forward to another centenary of stability and excelling performance under Hashemite rule, represented at this point in time by the wise leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, and that of his much-loved son HRH Crown Prince Hussein.

As a country, Jordan has been characterised by its love of its people, protection of their dignity and freedom, and privileging of human rights.

In Jordan, no harshness of treatment of any individual, and no violence against any. Tolerance, forgiveness and respect of diversity always prevail.

Since its inception, Jordan has been a home for all those who have no home, embracing all refugees and all those seeking a dignified life, and placing humanitarian considerations above all others.

It founded strong institutions and distinguished itself in health, education, social, and communication services.

It built a network of comprehensive and quality roads.

It effected improvements and reforms in a variety of spheres: Political, economic, social and technological; and is still effecting.

In it, there is vibrant democratic life.

It respects its neighbours, neither conspiring against nor attacking any. It supports all just causes of the Arab nation, as well as those of humanity at large.

It opposes foreign intervention in the region, and proposes to resolve all issues among Arab countries within an Arab context.

Over the years, it has acquired a reputable status at the world stage, because of its civility and espousal of humanitarian matters.

The Jordanian state is a qualitative addition at the Arab level and on the world stage.

It is a story of success in doing a lot with small means. With humble natural resources, it has done more than countries with more means and more resources at their disposal; due to the wisdom of its leadership and the diligence of its people.

It is the greatest supporter of the Palestinian cause, and the greatest advocate of peace in the region for all.

It has achieved a lot, despite its presence in a volatile region, foremost among which are: Stability, reliability, honesty, consistency and transparency.

It is a strong country, despite its small means, and is fundamental and a key player at the level of the region and globally.

Great in its impact and values.

Its achievements and positive attributes are countless indeed. 

Nevertheless, there are problems and challenges.

Among them are water shortage and several economic, education, social, scientific, industrial and agricultural challenges.

Among them also are unemployment, poverty, and lack of ample opportunities for young people.

Among them also are lack of advanced transportation means within and among cities, and challenges pertaining to the environment, urban planning and traffic.

And there are challenges related to relevant student learning and skills.

And among them are quality services and quality industries, as well as legislative, parliamentarian, and political reform.

In the coming centenary, we need mega projects and emphasis on more refinement and quality performance.

In the first 100 years, we did a lot at the level of founding, building, and augmenting; in the second, our slogan should be a qualitative leap forward.


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