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Feeble demand worries industry representatives ahead of Eid Al Adha

By Rayya Al Muheisen - Jun 14,2023 - Last updated at Jun 14,2023

AMMAN — Representatives from a variety of economic sectors have noted that demand in their respective industries is either stagnant or “shy” prior to the Eid Al Adha holiday, despite ongoing preparations and offers.

This year, Eid Al Adha is set to be celebrated at sunset on Wednesday, June 28. 

Clothes, footwear and jewellery sector representative at Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC) Asa’d Qawasmi told The Jordan Times that demand in the apparel sector has been relatively “shy” despite ongoing offers and discounts. 

“Consumers are showing caution in their spending due to low purchasing power, which is slowing the economic wheel,” Qawasmi said. 

Despite increased costs for retailers, prices in the market are very stable due to increasing competition among retailers, Qawasmi highlighted.

“High competition among retailers has resulted in price stability, benefiting the customers,” he noted. 

Despite current economic challenges, retailers are striving to keep prices affordable, aiming to attract more customers and stimulate the market, Qawasmi said. 

In response to the current economic situation and the subdued demand, Qawasmi noted the need for authorities to take measures to revive the market. “We call on the government to postpone June's installments without adding interest on debtors,” he added. 

Qawasmi emphasised the importance of supporting the local economy during this festive season. 

“We urge consumers to consider purchasing from local retailers, thereby bolstering the local market and promoting sustainable economic growth,” he said. 

Representative of the Animal Breeders and Owners’ Association, Za’al Kawaleet, told the Jordan Times that traditionally, the demand for sacrificial animals skyrockets as eid approaches. 

However, this year has seen a more restrained demand for sacrificial animals, Kawaleet said.

“As eid approaches, we predict a notable increase in demand, with individuals flocking to livestock markets across the country,” he added. 

Basem Ghalayeni from the Jordan Society for Travel Agents (JSTA) told The Jordan Times that Jordanians are “showing interest” in travel deals, but demand has not seen the peaks typically associated with the holiday. 

“The demand is not increasing as Eid Al Adha is approaching, which might be due to the final exams period in schools and universities nationwide,” Ghalayeni said, noting that families who have Tawjihi students don’t travel on Eid Al Adha holiday.

However, travel agents are optimistic that as the holiday draw nearer, there will be a surge in demand for travel packages, Ghalayeni added.

Ghalayeni highlighted the need to ensure June salaries are paid before the eid holiday to enable individuals to participate in celebrations without financial constraints.


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