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Failure to provide power

Jan 08,2014 - Last updated at Jan 08,2014

Since the snow melted, my family and our neighbours have been plagued by near daily power cuts that last on average of 6-8 hours a day.

The electricity company (JEPCO) has been less than supportive or responsive. It is the same story each time: A repair crew comes out to our neighbourhood. They examine our meter and usually imply that the problem is our house until I walk them down to other houses.

We have thrown out spoiled food and I am worried some appliances are failing. We have infants and elderly at home, with no heat.

I suspect the problem is that trees fell in our area and still weigh on lines, and some live wires still rest on the side of the street.

I have pointed this out to numerous crews, but they seem disinterested.

This is not our first problem with them. Two years ago, a forest fire nearby left old power lines weighing down on the lines connected to our house. Several crews came out and always said they would be back the next day. They never came.

It is my hope that the government will investigate JEPCO for their failure to reasonably and safely provide power to the Jordanian people.

Nickolas Neibauer,

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