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To be blessed

May 26,2015 - Last updated at May 26,2015

The world has changed directions, from doing right to backing wrong. Most humans have become possessive, selfish, apathetic and ignorant.

Human lives do not matter anymore; individualism characterises many, we seem to be good in words, but not in deeds.

The advent of technology helps people who gave up hope in the international organisations that were created to help them see problems and seek solutions.

These organisations have sadly become impotent, tools or puppets of dominant governments.

The United Nations is one, sadly. How many resolutions did it issue about the oldest, crucial, problem of the Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

If the West really cared, it could have sorted it out long time ago, but instead t created many more other world problems. It divided countries, created religious rivalries any injustices, and then became an onlooker.

The countries that opposed it became enemies.

This is the reality, and not a blame game.

The “boat people” of the 1970s and 80s were Vietnamese fleeing their war-devastated country (again by the West).

Today, it is “universal boat people” from the east, Middle East and Africa.

Why cannot the governments of the countries from where people flee be taken to task by the international bodies?

Why cannot people have peace and harmony in their countries, not to be forced to flee and risk their lives?

Where are basic individual human rights? Are they only the privilege of the rich?

“Might is right” still applies to our world: in Palestine, in regard to gender equality, and to violence against women and children.

Politicians around the world should carry their responsibilities, and not misuse the powers bestowed on them by their countrymen.

Mankind must cooperate to make the world a safer and better place, rather than destroying it for individual gains.

We should all work together to make this happen, for us and for the future generations.

Let humanity be blessed, not cursed.

Barbara Burgan,



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